Multi Tone Hair Colors

Women who are not afraid of unique experiments and huge transformations usually opt for multi-tone hair colors for 2017. If you, too, like to bring out your charm with the help of unusual and original multi-tone shades, then check out the most amazing ideas of mixed hair colors right here. Our expert tips and discoveries will keep you interested in the innovative hair styling ideas.

Dip Dye Hair Colors for 2017

Dip dye is the most searched topic over the internet. It seems ladies need to be guided. Well, I have selected the latest dip dye hair colors for 2017, in case if you are looking for inspiration.  It is said that dip dying hair colors can be done at home. But I think there is no need to take a risk and damage your hair. Yes, the kits can easily be founded at the nearest beauty store but for the best result you should consult with your hair colorist.  Dip Dye Hair Colors for 2017Dark Green on Black Hair

This green is absolutely stunning on black hair. If you are interested in getting started with dip dying your natural dark hair, then do it with dark green. It is a perfect start particularly if you want to have a bold look. Well, before getting it make sure that you have a proper skin complexion.

Hair Strobing Technique

Everyday Hollywood stars’ hair colorists impress us with new hair coloring techniques. The purpose of creating new coloring methods is to give less damage to females’ hair, and provide them with the best effect. Girls, who are completely in fashion, probably have heard about strobing counters. Well, now it may sound weird, to develop a makeup strobing theme, but this method works for hair too. Hair strobing is a new technique in the terms of hair coloring. This technique came to bring an extra shine and depth to your hair. When you feel like changing something this technique will provide you with your desired strobing techniqueSometimes non professional blend of dark and light shades may cause too unnatural look. But right strategies will prevent such cases. Strobing is a way of highlighting the hair but actually the process differs from the typical highlights. The right ways of placing hair highlights on the locks will definitely vivify lifeless and lusterless hair. Shine, depth, dimension!

“Oil Slick Hair” Color Trend for Brunettes 2017

Season after season brunettes are provided with new rainbow hair color ideas like blondes with modern pastel combinations. From now on they won’t think of beaching out their locks to get creative and astounding hairstyles. The new rainbow hair color trend called “oil slick hair,” created special for brunettes has become a popular hair color idea all over the world. These hairstyles of “oil slick hair,” color for brunettes for 2017 will inspire my posh dark-haired ladies to get more fashionable and attractive deep and dark hues on their mane.oil slick hair colors 2017What is Oil Slick Hair Color?

At first, many think that the result is oily hair. So who would like to get oily hair? Of course, no one. So, the term hair nothing to do with hair grease. It’s a new hair coloring technique that that applies a mix of green, dark blue and purple tones all over dark hair providing it with a unique iridescent effect. It reminds us of the popular pastel coloring technique and thus can be called the ideal rainbow style for dark hair.

2017 Multi-Tone Blonde-Brown Hair Colors

Bronde hair, sun-kissed mixture, creamy swirl or whatever you may call it it’s the biggest hair color trend for 2017. This is the multi-dimensional, low-maintenance and sophisticated combination of blonde and brown hues, which pale you somewhere between natural blondes and brunettes. It’s not pure blonde and not pure blonde. it’s all about your natural base hair color spiced up with cute highlights. You become the wearer of both shades and sparkle with all your beauty.multi-tone blonde brown hair colors 2017According to skillful colorist Johnny Ramirez it’s “six-month hair” that looks gorgeous even between touch ups.  In order to update it you need to visit your colorist only twice a year. Even without additional touch ups blonde to brown or brown to blonde balayage, ombre, sombre and cinnamon swirl styles look fresh and glamorous. Just focus on the haircuts and hairstyles keeping up with the fashion.

Bright Fruit-Inspired Hair Color Ideas

Once the creative watermelon hair coloring trend became common everyone started to think of other fruit-inspired hair colors. However some were just existing but we didn’t realize. For instance the pastel peach, apricot, strawberry blonde and many other warm shades remind us of sweet fruits. Today this string is more expanded and filled with new hair color ideas.fruit inspired hair colors 2017Strawberry Blonde Hair Color

Let’s start form the most common fruit inspired hair color. it’s the sun-kissed strawberry blonde. This warm shade is a cute hair color for many women with pale skin tones and rosy undertones. It makes hair luscious, luminous and glamorous. In case you are confused in the variety of blonde hair colors and seek for a warmer shade then the lovely strawberry blonde waits for you.

Multi-Tone Hair Colors and Braided Hairstyles

Not all hair colors look beautiful on braided hairstyles. Stylists tell that the most beautiful braids are achieved on blonde or red hair and the styles combined with darker hues don’t look clearer and more attractive. However, besides natural shades there are also crazy multi-tone hair colors, which look amazing on braided hairstyles. Breaking all the rules and stereotypes today, we will prove that the most beautiful braids are the ones matched with multi-tone hair colors.multi-tone braided hairstyles 2017Let’s first of all consider the factors that make multi-tone hair colors as the best options for plaits. So, when hair is dyed in several shades it needs to be displayed with particular flattering hairstyles. What do you need to do to bring out the beauty of your rainbow hair? Of course, the first thing that comes to your mind is a mixture of shades. Braids are the perfect ideas for such delightful looks. You take hair section by section and color by color and go ahead with a posh braided hairdo. Even the simplest fishtail or side braid looks gorgeous on rainbow hair.

Amazing Hair Color Combos for Everyone

Matte, monochrome and monotone hair colors are all tender and shiny, but there are crazy hair color combinations that look more attractive and fascinating. If you wish, you could have a unique and original look then start with your hair color. A cool combination is always ready to provide you with a stunning look. The unusual colors you choose for your hair speck about your delightful personality, way of thinking and the approach towards colors 2017There are zillions of ideas to use when it comes to hair colors. In order to create a glamorous look you should keep up with the fashion. So, check out these pictures of the latest hair color combination to use in 2017. There are both classic and elegant styles and quite bold or dramatic changes.

Dramatic Two-Tone Hair Color Ideas

Thinking of a dramatic two-tone hair color idea? Make your choice between these crazy two-tone hair colors and spice up your look with a modern touch. We offer the latest trends and help you to opt for the right style considering your skin tone, eye hue and hair length. If you want to create a cool contrast between your hair colors then you are in the right place. There is no any other gorgeous way of getting a contrasting hair color than combining two different shades.two-tone hair color ideas 2017Blonde and Black Two-Tone Hair Color

It’s possible to create a stunning two-tone hair color taking natural human hair colors like blonde and brunette. When you combine them in one hairstyle, you achieve a pure contrast. Even thin and subtle highlights are able to provide with an eye-catching effect. If you have blonde hair then add some dark brown or black highlights or dye the half of your locks in a dark shade. In case you have dark hair go ahead with a light blonde shade.

Wild Hair Color Ideas and Your Skin Tone

People usually choose natural-looking hair colors according to their skin tone, but what about wild hair colors? Things become more complicated when it comes to wild hair colors, because you need to consider more factors before dying your locks. You should pay attention to your current hair color, then complexion and eye hue and then decide what kind of wild hue you seek for. Don’t make the choice beforehand and consult with your hair colorist to choose the best one.wild hair colors 2017Peach Hair Color and Dark Skin Tone

After so many brown and blonde hair colors Rita has also gone for a peach hair color. Many think that pastel inspired shades are only for light-skinned ladies but as you see she has worn the light peach quite daintily and beautifully. Due to the warm undertones of the color, this peachy shade goes well with her warm skin tone and dark eyes. Keeping the roots darker her hairstylist has created a well-balanced style not to make her look washed out.

Sunset Hair Color Idea for Summer/Fall 2016

We generally categorize the seasons into spring/summer and fall/winter. This time we are going to do an exception taking summer with fall because that thing is not about outfits and shoes but new sunset hair color ideas for 2016. It is undeniable that this hair trend best goes with the hot summer and colorful autumn season. So, let’s discover the beauty of sunset on hair.sunset hair colors 2016If you don’t like the rainbow hair coloring idea or the sand art hair and seek for more natural-looking multi-tone shades then the new sunset hair trend is created special for you. The concept of this hair painting idea is to provide your locks with the shades of the hot, warm and mysterious sunset. The gradual change of hues looks so attractive and harmonious on hair once you opt for the right colors. All the pinkish reds, warm purples, burning oranges and sun-kissed yellows are the loveliest hues to combine in order to get this amazing effect on hair.