Hair Highlights

Highlights are the most innovative and creative hair coloring ideas ever and if you look for hair highlights for 2017 then you are in the best place to discover the latest professional matchings of base hair colors with highlights. Before adding any light, dark or vibrant shade to your current hair color you’d better do a though research for the best solution.

Temporary Hair Color Ideas

Looking for a way to get a brighter, more festive and attractive hair color? try on of these temporary hair color ideas for your coming party or crazy evening spent with friends.  Women who want to make a huge change in their look start with the hair. We say goodbye to the common blonde and brown shades and open the doors for the craziest temporary hair colors. They are so fascinating, cool and playful.Temporary Hair colors 2017Zone Color Bomb Temporary Hair Color

There are several ways to get temporary hair colors on your mane. Each chooses the best and the most flattering method for her locks. If you want to achieve purely green, purple, blue or any other shade on your hair then opt for the Zone Color Bomb Temporary Hair Color. It is an amazing hair dye to use when it comes to edgy, vibrant and eye-catching hair colors. Both light and dark-haired women can find the craziest shades for their mane.

Coolest Hair Highlights for Short Haircuts 2017

Taking into account the fact that short haircuts have become very popular among stylish women and they are always in a search of trendy updates and solutions we represent to you the coolest hair highlights for short hair for 2017. A touch of a fresh hair color is always great for short cuts. Be it a bob or a pixie haircut it’s going to become more eye-catching and fashionable with the help of trendy highlights short hair 2017If you are tired of your long hair and seek for a short haircut then make your choice between the following styles. They are not only trendy but also pretty. Each can easily find the most beautiful short haircut suitable for her face and facial features. A cool short haircut is able to change you entire look and make it very seductive however hair color plays a great role too. In case you love your natural shade and just want to embrace it, you should add some shiny highlights.

Dark Hair with Bombshell Blonde Highlights for 2017

Dark hair looks prettier with soft blonde highlights. However not every shade and highlighting style goes well with brunette locks. That’s why we have collected the trendiest and the most delightful bombshell blonde highlights for dark hair for 2017. Check them out and get a new idea on how to beautify your dark mane. Don’t forget about hair color and skin tone matching.blonde highlights for dark hair 2017Blonde Balayage Highlights for Dark Hair

The perfect effect of the balayage is created with the help of dark base shade and blonde highlights. This is the mixed ombre style that brings our blonde highlights on the surface of dark brown hair. The roots, however, are in their dark tone. due to its unique technique balayage highlights look natural and very soft on wavy hairstyles. They provide you with the stunning bombshell look.

Awesome Chunky Hair Highlights

In order to achieve a modern hairstyle or hair color we opt for different solutions. Sometimes hair highlights are the best options. Here we are going to be admired by the best chunky hair highlights. While thin highlights tend to make hair shinier, go well with subtle facial features and keep the natural touch, chunky highlights best go with big eyes and lips.chunky hair highlights 2017Chunky Blonde Highlights

Highlights for short to medium hair are equal to fun. If you have short or mid-length dark brown hair and it seems a kind of dull hairstyle then spice it up with chunky blonde highlights. New haircuts and fresh hair colors can immediately take your look to the next level. Your hairstyle will be even fresher if you add highlights on bangs too.

Brown Hair Colors with Blonde Highlights

If you are a natural brunette beauty perhaps, you have always dreamed of blonde hair. But women tend to love their natural hair color with the age. At your 20’s you start to notice the charm of your dark hair and think of highlighting g its beauty. If you have never tried cool hair highlights to display you dark hair color we are here to inspire you with these brown hair colors with blonde highlights. You will love the way blonde highlights lighten up your hair color and add extra-shine.brown hair with blonde highlights 2017 - CopyBrown Hair with Ash Blonde Highlights

Your beautiful brunette hair can be ever more enhanced with ash blonde highlights. For the highest impact of color, you should add these highlights on the bangs if there are any and on the rest of your face framing strands. This will help you to lighten up your hair color and complexion. Ash blonde highlights best go with chestnut brown and ash brown hair colors. The cooler your undertones the more harmonious will be the final look.

Modern Hair Highlights for Bangs

If you are a big fan of bang hairstyles then this article is a cool one for you, because here are collected the latest ideas of hair highlights for bangs. From now on, you will embrace your fringe not only with the help of new cuts and hairstyles but also with fresh highlights. You can either add highlights only to your bangs or blend it with the rest of your hair. In many cases, professionals recommend to focus on the front face framing highlights for bangs 2017Vibrant Highlights on Bangs

Whether you call them unnatural, edgy, flash or just bold vibrant hair highlights are popular these days. They are applied not only on the tips of hair but also on the bangs in order to create a well-balanced effect. If you have long hair you can add the same shade both on your fringe and on the tips of your hair, but in case you rock a short haircut you can just color your bangs. If you have dark hair you can opt for reddish, purple, blue, dark turquoise or dark pink highlights. Women with light hair colors may try bright pastel or rainbow highlights.

Awesome Ombre Hair Highlights

Without regular salon visits, you can sometimes create such hair colors and hairstyles that look even more delightful than those on which you spend tons of money. Once you get the best ideas, you can dye your hair in trendier ways at home. Today the most popular hair color is the stunning ombre with all its reflections and styles. It’s always great when you want to brighten up your shade and add some lightness to the tips. Here are the best examples of ombre hair highlights to use for your coming coloring ombre highlights for 2017The advantage of ombre highlights is that it doesn’t require deep bleaching and will never damage your locks with harsh chemicals. You will lighten up only the ends on your hair starting from the middle part for a natural-looking effect. It is always better to go for the shade closer to your natural hair color.

Gorgeous Purple Highlights for All Hair Colors

Adding some bright and vibrant shades to your base hair color can be so much fun. There are many shades of rainbow used special for hair highlighting but you can use your favorite hair color as a highlighting idea. For me purple has an artistic charm and makes hair very beautiful. If you, too, think so, then let’s be inspired by the latest purple hair highlights for any hair color. If you choose to get a unique hairstyle then opt for purple highlights.purple highlights 2017Burgundy Red Hair with Purple Highlights

Radiant purple highlights seem to be created special for dark burgundy red hair. Your super trendy red hair will become even trendier with the help of these shiny tints. The brighter your hair color the healthier your hair will look. So welcome the radiant purple highlights and add them all over your reddish locks. Style them into curls and waves to allow the sun to play with your hues.

Pretty Hair Highlights for Dark Brown Hair

Monochrome hair colors sometimes look dull and uninteresting. In order to liven them up, we refer to stylish hair highlights. This time the turn is for the pretty hair highlights for dark brown hair. You will be admired with not only the latest shades but also matching haircuts and hairstyles. So, be inspired by the most glamorous ideas of highlighting dark brown highlights for dark brown hair 2017Light Brown Highlights for Dark Brown Hair

The first shade that comes to your mind is the light brown for dark brown. To give your current dark hair an easy update and a kind of lightness you can add some natural-looking thin light brown highlights. Try a hue that’s relatively close to your natural shade and create shimmery natural-looking glow. Place those highlights around the top and face framing strands of your hair, style into loose wavy, straight shiny or updo hairstyles to bring out all the charm.

New Hair Highlights Ideas

There are times when you don’t want to go for a huge hair color transformation but need a simple trick to liven up your locks. In this case, hair highlights come for help. They help to add depth and dimension to your hair and make it healthier, shiner and prettier. Today we are here to discuss several new hair highlighting ideas for different base hair colors, complexions and eye hues. Keep your eyes on some of the most suitable options for you to try this highlights 2017Dirty Blonde Hair with Light Blonde Highlights

Thin and subtle light blonde streaks on dirty blonde hair are the best solution for you to lighten up your current hair color. Here we are admired by Jennifer Aniston’s blonde hair color with lighter highlights created by her professional colorist Michael Canale. Michael describes this shade as a caramelized blond with three signature highlights including beige tones which bring out her lovely eye hue. Canale advises to update this hair color from every four weeks up to three months once you notice it’s getting faded.