Trendy Hair Color Ideas for 2016/2017

It’s the high time to go deeper into the world of hair styling and pick the right hair colors for 2016/2017 from the rich hair color palette. Luckily, this palate gives us limitless opportunities and offers the most astounding shades of blonde, brown, red and many bright hues of rainbow. In order to look more stylish and attractive you need to start with your hairstyle. So, the hair color you choose plays a great role in your appearance and highlights your personality, way of thinking and taste.trendy hair colors 2016 2017Different shades are able to bring out your femininity and prettiness. While some hues just frame your face with a fresh and shiny tint, several other shades change your entire look taking your hairstyle to the next level. When it comes to hair color and skin tones matching one should be careful and professional.light blonde 2017 It’s better if you refer to a skillful and experienced hair colorist and stylist who provides his/her clients with the desired results. Here you see many trendy shades each of which go well with this or that particular complexion and eye hue. Consult with your stylist to opt for the most suitable hair color.reddish brown hair color

Blonde Hair Colors

If you start with a darker hue of blonde you can get a stunning sun-kissed effect which will bring out your skin tone and will warm up your entire complexion. Accordingly, you are welcome to opt for golden blonde, honey blonde and lovely flaxen blonde shades. Alternatively, your stylist may offer trendy light blonde highlights or blonde ombre styles to create a cute mixture/combination of shades. blonde hair color 2017If you look for a lighter blonde, hair color then there is the shiny and whitish platinum blonde with its soft and ethereal touch and the popular ash blonde with a natural touch in. for warmer and more girlish styles you can try the sunny strawberry blonde.dark blonde hair color

Brunette Hair Colors

Women who are fond of brunette hair colors and darker shades will surely love the charm of light brown, espresso, chocolate brown and rich chestnut brown that is closer to natural shades. There are also brown ombre and balayage hairstyles, which look very stylish and attractive. ash brown hair color 2017Stylists often offer the brown sombre hair colors to provide you with a more natural-looking and exquisite result. The choice is always up to you, so go for the hue that works well with your complexion and eyes.

Red Hair Colors

From the brightest red to the darkest reddish brown hair colors there are lots of red shades for you to try in 2016/2017. Red is an eye-catching and hot hair color in all its styles and reflections. The trendiest shades of red are copper, mahogany, reddish brown, burgundy and fiery.reddish brown hair color

copper red hair You can do lots of thing with these hair colors but if you are confused in the variety of ideas, I will offer some good and fancy styles. Go for fire and flame red ombre and dark red ombre hair colors or add some warm red highlights to your dark hair. Always match the shades with your skin tone and eye hue.burgundy red hair color Other Trendy Hair Colors

What concerns other trendy hair colors for 2016/2017 the latest innovative techniques and styles allow us to make our choice between the soft pastel, bright rainbow and edgy vibrant hair colors to create signature and original hairstyles.pastel hair colors 2017 Compared with natural blonde, brunette and red hair colors these offer more fun and creativity. There is no limit when it comes to colorful hairstyles. Just use your fantasy. Here you can check out great ideas of unusual and unique hair colors.  rainbow hair color

vibrant hair color

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