Red Hair Colors and Your Skin Tone

It’s a fact that only 2 percent of the population have naturally red hair. However, this doesn’t mean that brown or blonde-haired people don’t have the chance to rock red hair. Today you can enjoy your own energetic, bright and head-turning red hair color easily because all you need to take into account is your skin tone and eye hue. Here is a guide to red hair colors and skin tones, which will help you to pick the most suitable red shade for your hair colors 2017While many are admired by millions of blonde, brunette or any other hair color Kelly Van Gogh, a professional hair colorist says that red is different. Red itself is a great hair color and not a level, therefore it has its own levels and tones. You need to know how light or dark, warm or cool tone of red you should take for a natural-looking result.Red Hair Color for Light Skin  

If you have fair skin and want to go for a red hair color your stylist is supposed to offer light to warm strawberry blonde, ginger or copper red hair colors. Avoid wine-colored red tints, as they are too dark for your complexion. They will make you look pale and will bring out the lightness of your complexion.strawberry blonde hair 2017

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