Incredible Fall Hair Color Trends

Fall is already here so you need to try new looks. In term of colors, we are drawing our inspiration from the biggest hair color trends we have spotted on red carpet, catwalks and streets. Indeed, a new haircut is great but you will also need to get a brand new hair color for a lot better look. Bright blue tones, chic highlights and lowlights are still a hot trend of the season. Here we have prepared some amazing fall hair colors go on reading to see colorsNavy Blue Hair

If you are into bold hair colors, you need to start with navy blue. It is not just a simple pastel or rainbow shade. It is a tone that holds lots of confidence in it. In case if you are looking for a bold fall hair color, take the plunge and play up with navy tones. However, you need to have super light blonde hair to get the look. First bleach your hair and then get the navy shade.Navy Blue HairCream Soda Blonde

If you are still obsessed with blonde hair colors, you will love this cream soda blonde. I am sure you will fall in love with this amazing shade. Make sure to use bright blonde base with ribbons of lowlights. But it is important to choose a right hair colorist to get the exact tone. This color looks good on healthy hair. Use conditioners and shampoos for color treated hair.Cream Soda BlondeLight Brunette Hair Color

If you are looking for a way to update your brown hair color, try this cool-toned medium-brunette. The following brown is several tones lighter than natural brown hair color, but it looks equally cool.

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