Hottest Natural Red Hair Color Ideas

While deep and bright red hair color are beautiful and eye-catching they are far from looking natural. Women trying to look like natural redheads generally make their choice between strawberry blonde, ginger and auburn shades. If your hair is already light blonde you will easily archive the desired natural red tone on your locks. Some of the best examples of natural red hair colors are collected below special for you to pick the right shade for your complexion.natural red hair colors 2017Strawberry Blonde Hair Color

The lightest red hair color that you can meet among natural redheads is the strawberry blonde. It is one of the most popular shades in Hollywood and is often seen on the red carpet. That bright, cheerful, sun-kissed and shiny blonde shade mixed with reddish undertones hoes well with pale to medium skin tones depending on the tone you choose for your hair. Strawberry blonde is best reflected on naturally blonde hair colors.Strawberry-Blonde hair color 2017Ginger Hair Color

After the light strawberry blonde comes the real ginger red hair color. This tone finds its place somewhere between the classic red and strawberry blonde shades. It has more orange-y hues, which compliment warm undertones. Women with medium skin tones and reddish undertones fall into the category of the most flattering ladies who can rock ginger red hair. You can pair it with red lips and light eye makeups to create a natural effect.

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