Hottest Dark Red Hair Colors

Dark hair colors are not always dull and common. Besides the traditional dark brunette hair colors there are also reddish hues, which have rich brightness and sophistication. Women in these dark red hair colors look very hot and delightful. Their hair becomes shinier, healthier and stronger which makes the watcher fall in love with that amazing look. Compared with many red hair colors below represented shades seem to be the most “powerful” and attractive hues of red. Get your ultimate hair color inspiration and go ahead with a deep red tint.dark red hair colors 2017Dark Marsala Red Hair Color

The newest shade added to the red hair color palette is the Marsala red. This is a win-y red hair color close to burgundy red hair colors. However, it has more violet undertones, which make the hair color darker and richer. Luckily, it suits women of both dark and pale complexions and brings out light eye hues. Dark Marsala red hair color best goes with dark eyes especially with black eye hues. You can wear this hair color on your short pixie cuts to get an awesome feminine effect or pull off a trendy Marsala red medium to long straight hairstyle.marsala red hair color 2017Burgundy Red Hair Color

Compared with Marsala red burgundy red has much more bright red undertones instead of violet hues. It is a popular hair color particularly among dark skinned women such as Ariana Grande, Rihanna and Cheryl Cole. They are the most inspiring celebrities with burgundy red hair colors. Their images are on the top pages of hair color magazines introducing dark red hues and matching skin tones. If you have dark skin tone you can easily go for burgundy red. Combine it with long straight or medium curly hairstyles.burgundy red hair color 2017Bright Copper Red Hair Color

Copper is the most versatile red hair color with light and dark reflections. Though it requires special skin tones and eye hues, but it also allows you to make your choice between light and dark shades. In case, you have medium skin tone with warm undertones and blue or green eyes you can welcome the dark copper red in 2017. It is able to provide you with a real touch of a redhead. Naturally blonde celebrities like Emma Stone and Christina Hendricks rock copper red like natural redheads. What about you?bright copper red hair color 2017Auburn Hair Color

Auburn is a warm shade of red that compliments medium skin tone and light ye hues. It’s deep shine is incredible especially when you style hair into loose waves, tight or luscious big curls. It’s recommended to go for auburn hair colors if you have naturally red or blonde hair color, because darker shades and brunette hair colors will hardly look so shiny.auburn hair color 2017Dark Reddish Brown Hair Color

And something for brunettes can be the reddish brown. First, you may need to go for a lighter brown hair color in order to pull of the dark reddish brown. Reddish brown goes well with medium to tanned complexions and looks natural with warm undertones. It compliments warm brown and green eyes.dark reddish brown hair color 2017

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