Dark Hair Color Ideas

Dark hair offers incredible depth and dimension. Today I have selected the best of dark shades. Here you will see from hot red to crazy green shades. We are going to prove you that dark hair will never look dull or plain if you combine them with vibrant shades. There are various playful options for you. However these hues are fantastic for all ladies out there, who are looking for a new makeover.Dark Hair Color Ideas for 2017Dark Red and Brown Hair

Volume and length are fantastic with highlights two tones lighter than your natural hair color. In this case the red shade enhances the overall look and adds some volume and body to you your appearance. This beautiful color blend is going to work great for all skin tones.Dark Red and Brown HairHints of Rose on Brown

Rose shades are so popular and are not always being combined with dark brown hair but based on this example the final result is going to work great and unique, the overall look is soft and tender. You can wear this color blend either on your long or short hair. This combo guarantees you an incredible look.

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