Cute Hair Color Ideas to Try Now

pink hair colorPlatinum Blonde Hair Color

This season platinum blonde is more dimensional. Stunning Zoe Kravitz demonstrates a great way of experimenting with the shade. Her bold pixie haircut is spiced up with platinum blonde shade that perfectly complements her medium skin tone. Both the hair color and the cut create a great pair and help to make a bold statement. Take into consideration your skin tone and face shape before going for the style.Platinum Blonde Hair ColorCopper Red Hair Color

Copper red is a hot trend for bold women. We highly recommend consulting your hair colorist before committing. You should know whether the tone works with your complexion or not. Actress Emma Roberts has a fair skin tone, so this coppery red is the best tone that she could ever try. She has tried many blonde and red shades- we still love her strawberry blonde, but this coppery red is simply irresistible.Platinum Blonde Hair ColorAqua Blue Hair Color

Louisa Johnson offers a lovely aqua hair color that is chic. The winner of X Factor TV show admits that she is quite happy with her new hair color. Well, somehow that’s crazy to wake up and decide to rock an aqua blue hair. Indeed, blue suits her fun nature and lovely complexion. It is one of the best ways to stand out in the crowd.Aqua Blue Hair Color

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