Best Hair Color Ideas for Redheads

It’s a fact that even redheads sometimes need touch ups and new shades to enhance their hair color and while others are dying their hair into natural-looking red shades naturally red-haired women look for brighter hues. From sophisticated cinnamon to the rich and bright coppery hues here are the best red hair colors for natural redheads. Keep your red hair sparkling and always so eye-catching with the help of more glamorous hair colors 2017Cinnamon Hair Color

We seldom see dark red hair colors with light skin tones and eyes but believe in me that this one of the trendiest, well-balanced and flashy combinations in the fashion world. Women with pale skin tones and light eyes look more than hot with cinnamon hair. According to a talented stylist Pierce this is a subtle reddish brown hair color that helps to bring out pale skin tones as well as warms up your entire complexion. He says that for women with green and brown eyes darker shades of red are more flattering. Look at Julianne Moore’s stunning hairstyle. She has rosy skin with olive undertones and looks so delightful in this gorgeous hair color.Julianne Moore chinnamon hair color 2017Bright Copper Hair Color

Need a bright shade for your fading reds? What about this bright copper red hair color? And once you dye your hair into Karen Elson’s red hair color you do your best to keep it as fresh as possible with the right hair color protective products and regular touch ups. You’ll surely fall in love with your new red hair. You can shampoo hair three times a week but try to wash and condition, focusing on the ends, daily. Pierce recommends to use a color-protecting formula and frequently refer to a stylist.

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