Best Hair Color Chart for All Shades

Whether you are in a search of a new hair color or just need to switch up your look, you are welcome to discover the best hair color chart for all shades. The represented hair color chart is the most useful way for you to find out what you really need and what is great for you. If you are tired of the same brown, blonde or red shade, then go deeper into the fascinating world of shiny, glossy and trendy hair colors in order to rock a brand new look with a fancy color chart 2016Ash Blonde Hair Color

Though there are both light and dark ash blonde hair colors but they look very soft and natural especially on blondes. This shade best goes with pale and light skin tones and tends to bring out a bit tanned complexion. However, if you want to look as natural as possible, then match it with your light skin and light eyes. In order to keep this shade shiny and so attractive, use hair color protective purple shampoo.Ash Blonde Hair Color 2016Light Blonde Hair Color

Ladies who have naturally light blonde hair look very subtle and feminine. Today the innovative hair styling and coloring ideas give us the chance to rock natural-looking light blonde hair colors, which provide us with more glam and striking touch. Light blonde shades like platinum and flaxen blonde best work with light to medium complexions and medium eye hues such as blue, green or hazel.

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