Auburn Hair Color for Short Haircuts

Short red haircuts and hairstyles have become big trends in the fashion. Today they are much requested than for example 10 years ago. Women are no longer afraid of edgy haircuts and hair colors. Moreover, many dye their locks in reddish hues not only to stand out in the crowd but also to bring out the beauty of their trendy cuts. Here you are going to be admired by the best short haircuts in auburn hair color. Say goodbye to your blonde or brunette locks and enhance your hairstyle with a hot auburn shade.short auburn hairstyles 2017Auburn Red Curly Bob Hairstyle

Scarlett Johansson is an inspiring blonde-haired celebrity, but the fact that auburn hair color compliments her skin tone and light ye hue is undeniable.  We love her short curly bob in this fiery shade. It sparkles beautifully especially under the rays of the sun. Perhaps it’s because of the chosen length that makes her shade look so trendy and pretty. Many naturally curly-haired redheads are inspired this look. They go for short bob cuts to display their eye-catching red hair color.auburn curly short hair 2017Short Layered Haircut in Auburn Hair Color

While red curls tend to sparkle with an incredible shine, straight and layered haircuts look softer and more sophisticated in auburn hair color. This hairstyle can be the best one for women who have straight thick hair and want to embrace it. Just go for a straight pixie, bob or an asymmetrical haircut with short and sharp layers and dye it into a fresh auburn hair color. You can combine this haircut with thick bangs to get a mysterious look.auburn hair color short straight hair 2017Short Messy Auburn Pixie Hairstyle

Even in messy styles, an auburn pixie haircut looks tender and feminine. It’s because you have worn a hot hair color that enhances your femininity. Men like messy and unruly hairstyles, which shine with a reddish hue on. Amuse your man with such a brave hairstyle and display your charm. Here the auburn shade is combined with dark eye makeup which daintily makes light eyes pop out. In order to style your pixie cut into a beautiful messy hairstyle you can use special hair products such as hair gels, creams and pomades.auburn hair color for short haircuts 2017Short Asymmetrical Auburn Hairstyle

Those who look for more extravagant solutions for their hair and are confused in the variety of uneven haircuts, here is good inspo for you. Go for a short straight asymmetrical pixie cut keeping some long bangs for one side. Dye your locks into a reddish brown or auburn hair color and style your hair into voluminous and flashy side swept hairstyles, which will ideally highlight the structure of the fresh haircut.reddish brown for short hair 2017Short Auburn Haircut with Highlights

If the monotone shades of auburn are not enough for you and you look for a trendier and edgier style, then try a short haircut, dye it into an auburn shade and add some dark highlights. Choose dark brown, purple or burgundy shades to highlight your hair. It’s better to add them on the front face framing strands and bangs. They will add dimension and depth.  short haircut with auburn highlights 2017

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