Unique Blue and Purple Hair Color Ideas

The recent hair dyes are a matter of obsession. Have you heard about a galaxy dye? Well, it requires mixing blue and purple shades to resemble the night sky. This look can be created in a variety of different ways- from ombres to highlights. Blue and purple shades harmoniously blend into each other to create a striking contrast. The headdresses created on these shades will have a unique and mind-blowing appearance. Below you can find some pictures of blue and purple hair color ideas. These mysterious color combos will help you express your inner self.   Unique Blue and Purple Hair Color IdeasMermaid Hair

Some people refer mermaid hair to bright green, purple, blue and different colors of ocean, but this particular design can also be accepted as mermaid hair, since the image of the moon on water at the night is just incredible. It definitely reminds us of oceans or seas. However this style is dark yet colorful at the same time. Just don’t forget to use conditioners and shampoos for color- treated hair to keep your strands fresh and bright.Mermaid HairSplit Dye Job

It is wonderful to see how color can instantly change the entire vibe of a hairstyle. The colorist has used half and half or split dye job to achieve what you see below. Actually the double braid would seem conservative but with the addition of purple, pink and blue it seems fresh and radical. With colors like these any hairdo would have a unique and incredible look.

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