Purple Balayage Hair Colors for 2018

Balayage continues to be the most prominent hair coloring technique in the hair fashion. The subtle effect provided by the technique is much loved by women around the world. Subtle as well as bold shades look equally cool when done with balayage. We want to bring your attention to these purple balayage hair colors for 2018 that are for everyone that wants to have a statement hair color. Indeed, balayage is a lower maintenance than a full dye job. The looks we have compiled are the most requested ones.  purple balayage hairs colorsLavender and Silver Hair Color

It is not a secret that purple balayage hair has a spectrum of tones. And this dusty lavender is one of the best examples that you would love to see. However, it is a great shade for women that prefer ashy tones. In a word, not everything about this style is super bright. By keeping your roots dark, go lighter towards the tips. You will end up with a trendy ombre look, just like this one.Bright Purple Waves

No doubt, with a bright shade of purple you will steal the show. It is a statement shade that complements an array of skin tones. However, this bright purple will require regular touchups to maintain its vividness. The shade looks exceptionally gorgeous when paired with striking waves. Try it, and you will never regret for going bright.Bright Purple WavesWashed out Purple

Pastel balayage purple tips is another option to consider for your next hair color appointment. Compared with other tones, this one doesn’t require much touchup. Dark root is the main thing that reduces maintenance.

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