Lavender Hair Color Ideas and Hairstyles

One of the most interesting things in the fashion world is that everything tends to change by the time. Men wear long hairstyles and women rock short haircuts. When it comes to hair colors, we meet more extravagant solutions and styles both among men and women. But the truth is that women like more frequent updates and styles. For examples lavender hair color is becoming very popular unlike its being so bold and unusual. Though it’s tough to achieve lavender hair color on natural hair colors but many are not afraid of radical changes and cool experiments. In spite of standing in front of the mirror and trying to imagine how you’ll look in lavender hair you can check out my modern collection of lavender hair color and matching hairstyles.lavender hair colors 2017Lavender Ombre Hair Color

The first style that has captured my heart is the lavender ombre hair color. It is best seen on high ponytail hairstyles. The roots are in light ash-y brown shade while the tips are in cool lavender hair color. The combination is so beautiful especially due to the length of the hair. Long and high ponytail hairstyles look very attractive in ombre shades. You will get the pure fairy look with a subtle lavender ombre hair color.lavender ombre hairstyle 2017Updo Hairstyle in Lavender Hair Color

A stunning option for the coming wedding parties is Kelly Osbourne’s lavender updo hairstyle. It is in a sleek and shiny style that is why looks so elegant and romantic. You will surely stand out in the crowd with such a luxurious updo hairstyle. It goes without saying that the side swept bangs pinned on one side create frame the face so beautifully. You can combine it with dark eye makeup.

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