Gorgeous Purple Highlights for All Hair Colors

Adding some bright and vibrant shades to your base hair color can be so much fun. There are many shades of rainbow used special for hair highlighting but you can use your favorite hair color as a highlighting idea. For me purple has an artistic charm and makes hair very beautiful. If you, too, think so, then let’s be inspired by the latest purple hair highlights for any hair color. If you choose to get a unique hairstyle then opt for purple highlights.purple highlights 2017Burgundy Red Hair with Purple Highlights

Radiant purple highlights seem to be created special for dark burgundy red hair. Your super trendy red hair will become even trendier with the help of these shiny tints. The brighter your hair color the healthier your hair will look. So welcome the radiant purple highlights and add them all over your reddish locks. Style them into curls and waves to allow the sun to play with your hues.purple highlights for dark red hair 2017Purple Highlights on Dark Hair

Be it dark brown or just black purple highlights are ready to liven up your locks. Without adding any kind of boldness purple highlights will provide you with the desired shiny effect. They give you the chance to go a cute ombre style if you keep the roots in your natural dark shade and add those highlights only to the tips.

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