Edgy Purple Hair Color Ideas

Unnatural, bold and edgy hair colors are not always unpleasant and dull. Sometimes there are cool and attractive shades that make hair very fascinating and eye-catching. Purple with so many light and dark hues is known as an edgy yet sophisticated hair color with lovely hues and styles. Here represented purple hair colors will give you the best ideas on how to pull off the right purple shade for your complexion and eye hue. So, let’s be admired by the latest and creative purple hairstyles.purple hair colors 2017Lilac Hair Color

Since purple has many shades we will start with the lightest of the lightest. It’s the lilac hair color for women who don’t want a too bold and totally solid effect. This hair color best goes with light to medium skin tones and compliments light eyes. It is closer to pastel purple hair color and has a soft spring touch in it.lilac hair color 2017Lavender Hair Color

The nest light shade of purple is the ethereal lavender. Lavender hair looks perfect with dark roots and best goes with pale to medium complexions and light eyes. However if you opt or dark roots you can match it with dark eyes too. Visible roots are super trendy these days and they tend to make your hairstyles more interesting. In case you have dyed all your hair in a lavender hair color you can wait for a while for your roots to grow out a little bit and then leave your natural shade show off its charm.lavender hair color with dark rootsDeep Purple Hair Color

If you love having dark and deep hair colors then this hue is great for you. It goes well with dark complexions and dark eyes. But it can easily bring out light complexions and light eyes. Try using a deep purple tint all over your brown hair and enjoy the vibrant attractiveness of your new hair color.deep purple hairVibrant Violet Hair Color

Those who prefer heroic and much unrealistic images will surely like the vibrant violet hair color. Chop your hair into a layered hairstyle and dye it in this shiny hair color. If you like, you can add some edgy bangs in order to frame your face with a purple-y shade. Don’t forget about regular touch ups.vilolet hair color 2016Dip-Dyed Purple Hair Color

If you are too afraid of bleaching all your hair from the roots to the tips there is still a great solution for an astounding purple hairstyle. Ask your stylist to dye only the tips of your hair and rock straight, loose wavy and other downdo hairstyles to display this fresh hairstyle.134841947TW033_Jingle_Bell_

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