Awesome Dark Purple Hair Colors

2017 hair color trends includes tuning shades of blonde, brunette and red. However, there is also a separate category where you can find all the shades of rainbow including dark purple hair colors. It has already become one of the most favorite hair colors for dark-haired women. Those who follow up and love fashion here are the best dark purple shades to use in 2017. Even if you seek for a bit of change, you can add purple highlights on your dark hair to achieve a super trendy look.dark purple hair colors 2017Recently we see stylish girls in various purple-colored hairstyles and the main reason why it has become so popular is that it looks harmonious and eye-catching with dark locks. While light-haired women opt for pastel purple, lilac and lavender hues, mysterious brunettes seduce with their dark shiny locks highlighted with dark violet tints. It provides hair with great richness of hues and tends to add deepness, dimension and vibe. You will surely look more attractive with dark purple hair.

dark purple hair color for 2017

dark purple hair color for 2017

How to Get:

If you want to pull off a pure purple hair color, you need to go for an ash-y base shade. It will allow your hair to look thicker and longer. In case you want to play with highlights, stylists offer the trendy ombre, sombre and balayage styles. These new hair coloring ideas are much more harmonious for long hair and look better in wavy and curly hairstyles. For shorter and straighter haircuts there is the common thin or chunky highlighting idea which keeps everything well-balanced and frames your face with a dark mystery.

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