Unusual Hair Color Ideas for Brides

The wedding white dress has the best shade to match with any hair color, that’s why lately we see brave brides who dye their hair in unusual hair colors. Besides thinking of a posh, luxurious and eye-catching hairstyle, you can also go for a unique hair color for your big day. If you choose the most flattering hue for your complexion, your man will surely love it. Just give it a try and enjoy your brand new, angelic, ethereal, glamorous and original hair color.hair colors for brides 2017Brides with Red Hair Color

The first fiery hair color that can make you look like a doll is the rich red. This is not the natural-looking ginger but the hot and vibrant red with the fire in it. Women with light skin tones look gorgeous in red hair colors combined with retro hairstyles. Due to the sparkling whiteness of the wedding gown your hair color looks even more attractive and beautiful. It requires red lips and smokey or dark ye makeup.bride with red hair 2017

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