Soft Pastel Hair Colors for Summer

Summer is the right time to have fun and to try out new hair colors. If you have pulled off too many shades of blonde, red or brunette then it’s the high time to discover the beauty of the soft pastel hair colors this summer. I have never seen any other hair color idea that looks so subtle and interesting than the shades of pastel. Let’s check out the most fashionable pastel hues together and find our sores of inspiration.pastel hair colors summerPastel Pink Hair Color

The first pastel shade that comes to our kind is the pastel pink. This candy-cotton hair color is too soft and attractive for young ladies and stylish girls. Compared with the dark and vibrant pink it’s rather exquisite and sweet. You can dye your locks in pastel pink if you have pale complexion with pinkish undertones and light eyes. Try to style your hair into loose waves or curls to bring out all the charm of this hue.Pastel Pink Hair Color 2016Pastel Blue Hair Color

As for the light and peaceful pastel blue I can say that it is angelic hair color with a silvery-y touch in it. Pastel blue also called sky blue is a light hair color for natural blondes but in case you have dark hair and still want to go for a light blue you need to go for a deep bleaching before dying hair. Pastel blue compliments light skin tones and light blue eyes.Pastel Blue Hair ColorMint Green Hair Color

The pastel shade of green is the “acid” mint green. This hair color is a great one for women who have light to medium skin tones. It sometimes works with olive complexions too and compliments green eyes. The light hues of mint also go well with dark roots and create a kind of ombre style. So, even if you don’t have naturally light hair you can still pull off mint green hair with dark roots.Mint Green Hair ColorPastel Peach Hair Color

While the above-represented pastel pink is a sweet hair color, pastel peach is a warmer and a sun-kissed shade for you to wear in spring and summer. Today it is a requested pastel shade in salons and if you want to copy one of the celebrity looks you’d better pay special attention to your complexion. Pastel peach best goes with medium to warm complexions and works well with light and brown eyes.Pastel Peach Hair ColorLavender Hair Color

Apart from all the light colors, lavender has its amazing charm and elegance. It can’t be compared with something else as there is really something very sophisticated in lavender-colored hair. Luckily, there are many bright and too light shades of lavender, which allow you to pick the most suitable hue for your complexion and eye color. You can even combine two shades of purple in one hairstyle.Lavender Hair Color

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