Sand Art Multi-Tone Hair Colors

Have you seen a bottle beautified with sand art? There are all the shades of rainbow mingled into images and cool exotic elements. The same we have in the hair coloring art. This new multi-tone hair color idea is called sand art hair that continues the rainbow craze with modern touches and creative experiments. It’s the incredible hair coloring idea offered by Rebecca Taylor who has used Pravana hair dye to create these crazy color combinations that now are all over Instagram and Pinterest.Sand Art Hair colors for 2017The main aim of the sand art hair color is to provide with a bright game of rainbow colors inspired by the 90’s sand art souvenirs from our unforgettable summer holiday. It really reminds us of those crazy hot days on the beach. The chosen shades are basically from the rich palette of pastel hues. However women with dark hair colors opt for brighter multi-tone hair colors to get flattering rainbow look on their hair.

Sand Art Hair colors 2017

Sand Art Hair colors 2017

Women who are tired of their faded hair color and are bored of the same dull look tend to switch up their hair color with bright rainbow shades. If you, too, need a trendy rainbow hair color idea, then sand art hair is here for you.  In order to get a fascinating result you can make your choice between dark or light hues of blue, green, purple and pink. Avoid too eye-catching red, orange or green shades and opt for the subtler options.

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