Rainbow Hair Colors and Braided Hairstyles

We have been speaking about pastel, rainbow and other multi-tone hair colors for a long time. Now. It’s the high time to find the most beautiful braided hairstyles for rainbow hair colors. If you are an adventurous girl ready to experiment with flashy hair colors and hairstyles then this article is great for you. Check out the latest creative combinations of rainbow hair with trendy plaits and inspire your friends with your cute hairstyles.rainbow hair colors 2016Pretty Rainbow Braid Hairstyle

The first hairdo that I want to represent is a creative zigzag-styled plait in many shades of rainbow. It is possible to style with the help of hair chalks or temporary hair colors. But in case you like it very much you can go for permanent rainbow hair colors. Before dying your locks, pay special attention to the combined shades. Try to get a harmony and balance between the hues and the braided hairstyle.rainbow braid hairstyle 2017Rainbow Braided Updo Hairstyle

A cute shade of platinum blonde allows you to add some pastel highlights on your hair. Focus on the ends and then style a loose braided updo hairstyle. Embellish it with a jeweled chain headband and ho ahead with a boho style. You can use this hairdo as a festive one for the coming summer party. It’s pretty and subtle.

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