Rainbow Hair Color Ideas

Well, it is again all about rainbow hair colors! If you are ready for something stunning and amazing then this trend is definitely for you. You can be sure of being envied for you unique style. It takes some bravery to experiment with bold colors, even though the rainbow is the hottest trend right now. However if you really want to have all those vibrant shades all over your head then you will need some inspiration. Let’s open the paint box and check out the latest rainbow inspired styles.  Rainbow Hair Color IdeasCute Rainbow Hair

There are so many ways to achieve the rainbow hues and foils aren’t the only method, consider using balayage (a fee hand color technique) technique too. In this particular design the gorgeous platinum blonde base color has been injected with subtle purple, yellows, pinks and greens to create a stunning look that demands a second look. However this option is great for the first time rainbow seeker.Cute Rainbow HairBlonde with Rainbow Tips

The blonde shade such as honey butter tone seen in this design creates an ideal contrast with deep mystical shades. The blond shade flows until just over the shoulders before turning into magenta, plum and berry purple with a hint of indigo blue. This style is fantastic for those who are ready to go for drastic contrasts. To show off the unusual shades you can simply style the tips with some waves.     Blonde with Rainbow TipsUnicorn Inspired Hairdo

Unicorn inspired styles such as this one look even more striking when paired with a right outfit and accessories. This model’s hair has been transformed into a shimmering hairdo that requires mixing blue, aquamarine and pale plum purple with gray streaks. The hair has been effortlessly waved to display the beauty of the shades. It is an inspiring look that will make you think over it.Unicorn Inspired HairdoIncredible Rainbow Hair

It is important to know how to use rainbow tones in a right way. It is a difficult task so you will need to find a skillful hair colorist. This particular design entails painting the bangs in gorgeous parrot yellow shade. It makes the incredible blue eyes pop up. It is a sophisticated headdress that looks good not only because of the various shades but also a right haircut.Incredible Rainbow HairVibrant Pastels

If you didn’t know, I will hurry to inform you that the gray and pastels create a magnificent combination. In this particular design everything starts with dark gray roots and then turns into pastel yellows, pinks and greens with a hint of sapphire blue. With a hair color like this you don’t need to do much of styling since creating spiffy waves will be more than enough.Vibrant Pastels

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