Pink Is Celebrities’ New Hair Color

Recently some of our favorite celebrities have been spotted with playful cotton candy-hued strands. It seems the world looks really better in pink. While you try to opt for hair wigs the supermodels and artists have applied this playful color into their hair in a permanent way making it a hottest trend of 2017. Nowadays the pink hair color has gone mainstream and with so many ‘temporary” hair dyes it gets easier to become a pink-head without worrying about commitment. Go on reading to see your favorite celebrity with a pink hair color.Pink is Celebrities New Hair ColorPink Hair Color

Lady Gaga’s colorist explains that it is pretty easy to achieve pastel pink color on blond or pre-lightened locks as you don’t have to be lifted to hold on the pigment. Lady Gaga rocked her pink hair color on Super Bowl and Grammy. However this hair color brings out her complexion and gives a color to her face. Lots of ladies will try to copy this unforgettable look.Lady Gaga pink hair Cotton Candy Hair Color

If you are a light brunette the color can provide a warm golden or pale pink tint that holds dusk-like vibes. However the dark brown or black strands would need to be lightened before applying the color otherwise it will be impossible to achieve a color like this. Take cue from gorgeous Taryn Manning. She shocked everyone with her bubblegum pink when debuting her look on the red carpet. Her pink looks so delicious that everyone would love to copy.

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