Opal Hair Color Trend for Summer

Opal is the newest hair color trend inspired by the sea and mermaidhair style. If you have ever seen an opal stone then perhaps, you have noticed how subtle and beautiful it is in its light rainbow shades, pearl, pink, purple and blue mixtures. Now, imagine a hair color reminding the stunning beauty of an opal stone. Doesn’t it make sense? opal hair colors for summerWithout even looking at the pictures it rises interest and takes you to the world of the most angelic hair colors both in pastel and rainbow combinations created by the professional hair colorist and celebrity stylist Aura Friedman. Here are the best examples of opal hair colors that tend to inspire you for this summer. Combine your beach wavy hairstyles with this sea inspired hair color.

opal hair color for summer

opal hair color for summer

Actually, opal hair colors are cool mixtures of grey hair with rainbow or pastel shades. First of all Aura opts for the lightening technique bringing hair to a possible pearl hue. It’s the right shade before you go grey. Your stylist can either prelighten your hair into a platinum or pale yellow or may use heavy highlighting ideas in order to get the desired light shade. After the successful lightening toner is applied layer by layer. The result is close to a washed out sand art on hair. The subtle tints of green, blue, pink and purple create a harmonious and ethereal look.

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