New Ideas for Green Hair

Green hair is for those who want to steal the spotlight. Nowadays boundaries are being pushed more and more especially with color. Color experimentations with unnatural shades are becoming as common as solid brown and blonde shades. Green hair is a hot thing right now and it is for bold ladies who want to show off their wild nature. Everyone can rock green hair; the most important thing is to sport it in a right way. Green in highlights on natural base, green in ombre, green hair paired with pastel shades and etc. Have a look at the pictures and find some cool ideas for green hair.New Ides for Green HairGreen Pixie

Why to stick to just one hair color when you can double up? Feel free to pair your green hair with a bold haircut such as pixie with tapered sides. The curls have been pushed forward to mimic bangs. However it is a style for ladies who have perfect face features.Green PixieGreen Hair with Dark Roots

Shadowy roots pop up and give a unique charm to the strands. As you see dark roots make a gorgeous pair with green hair. When you have a color like this you don’t have to go for complicated styling. Simply sweep your hair to the side and add some gorgeous waves to the strands. Tattoos and other elements add a fierce and bold touch to the style.

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