Jewel-Toned Hair Colors for 2017

Rich hair colors are embellishing headpieces that don’t require any other accessory to look stunning. Jewel-toned hair colors for 2017 are all over Instagram and can be considered the bolder and edgier versions of pastel hues. Jewel-toned hair colors remind us of precious stones such as ruby, sapphire, amethyst, emerald and etc. These shades look best on people with cooler skin tones but that doesn’t mean people with warm complexions can’t pull off the look. Find the exact hue for you through consultation with your stylist. Just like any color trend, darker strands will have to be pre-lightened beforehand, while those with lighter locks will achieve it a lot easier.Jewel-Toned Hair Colors for 2017Fuchsia Hair Color

When you want to pull off a jewel-toned hair color you shouldn’t fear its brightness or boldness. Give your sparkling locks a bold touch with some dark fuchsia locks. The color is still bright and looks ultra feminine on everyone. It is a great option for ladies who think pink. For a simple styling give a modern trim to your locks and style in a face-framing design.Fuchsia Hair ColorTeal Hair Color

Isn’t it the best moment to embrace that beach ready look with a subtle mermaid do? You can hit the beach with a color that brings out the deepest depths of the ocean. Right-in-trend waves will make your look even fuller. It flatters all hair lengths -from long to short. Even if it is a high-maintenance look it is still worth your time and effort.Teal Hair ColorEmerald Green Hair

Girls, now you can rock a hair color that symbolizes your birth stone. Emerald green is another jewel-toned hair hue that compliments these long locks. Effortless and carefree styling helps to make the entire design even more eye-catching. However, you can keep the roots a bit darker to reduce maintenance.Emerald Green HairSapphire Hair Color

Wear your denim hairdo on the darker side with some mysterious sapphire locks. Sapphire is a rich tone that looks great on any hair length. Keep the jewel-tone dye job closer to the roots for a multidimensional ombre-like design. The locks are styled in a half up half down hairdo to bring out the beauty of the colors. It is a stunning style to give a try!Sapphire Hair ColorMagenta Hair Color

Turn your boring and monotone strands into something eye-catching with the help of a magenta hair color. Magenta hair color has been paired with some purplish highlights to create a multi-dimensional look. This hue will definitely accessorize any haircut.Magenta Hair ColorAmethyst Hair Color

Amethyst is the most feminine hue that entails pairing your subtle locks with purple shade for a cool rocker edge. It is a bold look that requires some courage to opt for but with a style like this you will definitely make a fashion statement.Magenta Hair Color

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