2017 Teal Hair Colors for Blondes and Brunettes

Teal hair colors are having moment right now. Day by day the locks get brighter and brighter. However, sparkling teal hair color came to blow our minds since it is shining like no other pastel hues. You can also experiment with this gorgeous blue-green shade and impress all your friends. Well, that’s true teal is kind of unnatural shade and requires much care but it is the most appealing and versatile hue that is worth to pull off. Here are some interesting ideas of teal hair colors for blondes and brunettes for 2017.2017 Teal Hair Colors for Blondes and BrunettesSplit Dye Job

Can’t commit between teal and purple? What if you get both of them? Split dye job allows you to divide your strands into two parts and have two different shades right on your strands. In this particular design on side is purple and the other is teal. These shades will show off your preferences and speak about your strong features. With colors like these you will definitely get many compliments.split-dye-jobPeek-a-Boo Highlights

If you don’t want to give up your natural hair color then don’t do it, since you can add several ribbons and still have a stunning and gorgeous look. Try a super soft black and teal do that still brings out the fun side in you. Well, it is recommended to keep the teal highlights on the tips of your strands so that they don’t overpower your natural mane. Just have a look here and get inspired from.

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