2017 Flattering Hair Colors for Short Haircuts

Short haircuts would never look so attractive and feminine if stylists wouldn’t have offered their clients flattering shades. A suitable hair color can change a lot in your hairstyle and look. Welcome the newest hair color trends 2017 for short cuts.  If your current haircut is a trendy bob or pixie then start styling it with the right techniques and don’t forget about fresher shades. A fresh hair color means a lot for a short haircut especially when it has boyish touches.2017 Flattering Hair Colors for Short HaircutsShort Haircut in Grey Hair Color

Grey shades are no more something new in the fashion world but they continue to become more and more popular thanks to their subtleness. If you feel as if your short haircut needs some softness then you can dye it in this tone of grey. It will lighten up your locks and will make your short haircut very feminine. There is nothing more sophisticated than a suitable hair color for your skin tone and eyes. So, make sure you choose the right tone of grey for your complexion.

Trendy Hair Colors for the Beach Season 2017

The beach, the soft and shiny sand, the sea and the sparkling sun is all we love during the hot summer months. Everyone likes to get prepared for this crazy season and many of us plan a lot to spend it in its best way. It goes without saying that women take special time and go for special efforts to look stunning on the beach. So, what about hairstyles and hair colors? Check out the latest hair color trends for the beach 2017. They are the most low-maintenance and attractive shades that will keep all eyes on your super stylish look.Trendy Hair Colors for the Beach Season 2017Shiny Tiger Eye Hair Color

The tiger eye hair color is the newest balayage option with a mixture of shiny highlights. This is the case when we have two main hair trends in one style. It is mostly used by brunettes who seek for lighter and warmer tones to beautify their dull hair. In case you have dark brown, black, chocolate brown or espresso hair color you can easily switch it up with golden brown, caramel and other brown highlights using the same technique of the balayage.

Latest DIY Hair Color Ideas for 2017

There are tons of ideas on how to dye hair right to get the desired shade but a few are the tones that are easily-achieved shades that you can opt for at home. Here are the latest DIY hair color trends for 2017. If you have decided to get a fashionable and fresh shade at home then you can make your choice between these hues. They are easy-to-do DIY hues to inspire fashionistas.Dark Brunette Hair ColorFull-On Platinum Blonde Hair Color

The first shade is the platinum blonde, which are supposed to achieve on naturally blonde shade to get the full-on effect. Those with brunette hair need to go for deep bleaching before dying their locks. If you are ready for such a cool experiment then pick up a shiny hue of platinum blonde and go ahead with a brand new style. women with light eyes will look like angels with fully platinum hair.

2017 Top 10 Hair Color Trends by Professionals

Whether you are planning to go for subtle hair highlights or you want to enhance your look with peachy pink, don’t leave your hair to luck. We have rounded up a list of 2017 top hair color trends by professionals. Some of you may think that it’s just hair but damaged locks have never seemed sexy or beautiful. For this reason we advise you to find first-rated hair colorists in your country and put your head in the hands of trusted masters. Before that, have a look at these pictures selected from popular colorist’s Instagrame page.2017 Top 10 Hair Color Trends by ProfessionalsLived-in Color

Livid-in color is a special technique that is meant to mimic that striking sun-kissed hair color you had when you were a kid. This color technique has been developed by celebrity colorist Johnny Ramirez from L.A’s Ramirez-Tan salon. It is being created by analyzing client’s skin tone and eye color. 

Best Hair Highlights to Enhance your Face

2017 is a year of make-up contouring and the same concept can be used for hair too. It is not a new technique of highlighting the locks but this greatest trend has been updated. Perhaps you have already heard of strobing the face. If you scroll down your Instagram feed you will see numerous beauty bloggers demonstrating how you can use this technique to achieve a totally new look. Hair strobing is the same! These face framing hair highlights make a great option for anyone who wants to enhance her face shapes. As the look is being created according one’s face shape, no one’s result is going to be the same. Here is everything you would love to know about hair strobing as the best hair highlights of the year.Hair Strobing: Best Hair Highlights to Enhance your FaceHair Strobing for Round Face

Round face owners can create a slimmer face by placing highlights towards the bottom of the locks. Ask your hair colorist to add lowlights at the crown of your head and avoid accentuating your hairline otherwise it will draw attention to the center of your face. Just keep the highlights towards the bottom of your locks and the problem is solved.

Top Hair Color Trends for Summer 2017

Having fun with your hair color is the most effortless way to change up your look. 2017 is a year of new hair colors so you should not be limited with monotone shades. To start the season with a brand new shade is a good idea. Modern hair colors suggest subtle highlights to slim down your face. Below I have compiled top hair color trends of summer 2017. If you are looking for some inspiration for your next hair color makeover, you should definitely check out these pictures.Top Hair Color Trends for Summer 2017Blorange Hair Color

Blorange is the coolest color mix to watch in 2017. This sophisticated hair color is neither blonde nor ginger- it is something in-between these two tones. We couldn’t see a color prettier than this lovely hue. It is you turn to blow everyone’s mind with a chic hair color like blorange.

“Gloss Smudging” Brand New Hair Color Trend of 2017

We have already managed to see literally everything -from nude hair color trends to vibrant and vivid shades. And we have seen various techniques that require applying the color in a way to add a natural appeal to the look. Thing that we got from these trends is that the key to a perfect look is hair highlights. This summer’s hair highlighting trend is gloss smudging and it is absolutely striking. Gloss smudging hair highlights for 2017 may radically change your entire appearance. Go on reading to know more about this brand new trend.Brand New Hair Color Trend of 2017Creator of this trend: So who is standing behind this trend? It is a first-rate blonde hair colorist Kari Hill from Meche Salon. Hill explains that the smudging sweeps away the line of delimitation that we all get after highlighting our locks. Then she adds that any colorist can do it on anyone, regardless of hair color, texture, complexion and etc. It is pretty tempting, isn’t it?

Geode: Hottest Hair Color Trend of 2017

Looking for a brand new hair color? Meet geode, the hottest hair color trend of 2017. Geode is a kind of unusual and unnatural hair color that has drawn its inspiration from crystals. It is a modern take on the rainbow hair trend. It seems the colorist has decided to take the rainbow trend to a whole new level. It is an excellent hair color that will help brighten up your appearance and of course your Instagram feed. If you are curious about this hair color, just keep on reading.Geode Hottest Hair Color Trend of 2017Who is standing behind this color? The Benjamin Salon’s colorist Cherin Choi is the creator of this lovely hair look. He claims that it’s actually easier to perfect rather than it appears. It is perfect news for fashion gurus as all of them are in search of new looks and new styles. We are going to see the color everywhere, as soon as the colorists figure out the formula.

Pink Is Celebrities’ New Hair Color

Recently some of our favorite celebrities have been spotted with playful cotton candy-hued strands. It seems the world looks really better in pink. While you try to opt for hair wigs the supermodels and artists have applied this playful color into their hair in a permanent way making it a hottest trend of 2017. Nowadays the pink hair color has gone mainstream and with so many ‘temporary” hair dyes it gets easier to become a pink-head without worrying about commitment. Go on reading to see your favorite celebrity with a pink hair color.Pink is Celebrities New Hair ColorPink Hair Color

Lady Gaga’s colorist explains that it is pretty easy to achieve pastel pink color on blond or pre-lightened locks as you don’t have to be lifted to hold on the pigment. Lady Gaga rocked her pink hair color on Super Bowl and Grammy. However this hair color brings out her complexion and gives a color to her face. Lots of ladies will try to copy this unforgettable look.

Top 10 Dark Hair Colors for 2017

Feeling urge to go for dark hair colors? You are in the right place as we have selected top 10 dark hair colors for 2017. There are lots of ladies who are totally in dark shades and it’s not bad at all. When you say dark, the first thing that comes into your mind is brunette hair colors, but who said that if you prefer dark shades you must pull off only brunette hues? There are dark reds, purples, violets, blonds and etc. Go on reading to pick the best shade of dark hair colors and revamp your look.Dark Hair Colors for 2017Dark Blonde Hair Color

I have already mentioned that the dark hair colors shouldn’t be associated only with brunette hues. Here is an excellent dark blonde hair color that features some ashy tones. The contrast of the shades has been exaggerated with the help of sumptuous waves and side swept bangs. The natural appeal of this hair color is just amazing.