Lovely Hair Colors to Use in Summer 2017

Summer is the right time for bright and sun-kissed hair colors. After the soft pastel shades, we are admired by the latest natural-looking red, brunette and blonde hues, which have the desired sunny effect. When the thing is about your next color change you seek for more attractiveness and charm. You look for as many hair color ideas for summer 2017 as possible to try on your own. But wait for a minute and have a look at my collection. Perhaps this the most inspiring article for you. Our team has collected the latest bright shades for different skin tones and complexions. Find yours!summer hair colors 2016 2017Warm Caramel Brown Hair Color

Summer hair colors differ from the rest of hues with their brightness and shine. Even if you prefer dark hair color you need to opt for a shade which compliments the current season. So, dye your locks in a warm caramel hue if you seek for a brown shade. This hair color goes well with tanned, olive and medium skin tones and tends to make you look like a sweet caramel beauty.

2017 Best Hair Color Ideas

Shading your hair in a trendy hair color a branch of art that we use to beautify our entire look. Every hair color has its charm be it dark or light. We are already familiar with the fancy ombre, sombre, balayage, ecaille  and other awesome hair colors but there are still several posh hair colors for 2017 that you need to discover for your luscious locks. Let’s be attracted by the astounding monotone shades which always look either daintily glossy or colors for 2017Deep Brown Hair Color

Closer to black shades deep brown hair colors are all the rage for the coming year. They are recommenced especially for black women who want to display their brunette hair color with more attractiveness. Though it’s a matte hair color but once you turn your hair into lovey and luscious curls, it becomes shiny and very eye-catching. Such a neutral hair color can make your stronger and healthier. There is something incredible in light-skinned women with deep brown hair and something very mysterious in dark-skinned ladies with this hue.

5 New Hair Colors to Try this Autumn

If you are here to look for your next color move because fall is about shades and fresh changes, then check out the following 5 new hair color ideas for fall. This season is lit with bright and eye-catching hues which requires special skin tones and eye shades. If you are ready for the next posh transformation then keep up with the fashion and take examples from extra-stylish celebrities.fall hair colors 2016Soft Platinum Blonde Hair Color

This shiny and soft platinum blonde hair color worn by Poppy Delevingne is one of the best hues for the coming fall. If winter requires much combinations for light hues, fall is fine with monochrome yet super shiny shades like this light blonde. It can be beautified with yellowish undertones which warm up the shade a little bit and keep you safe from looking washed out.

Gorgeous Hair Colors with Dark Roots

Dark roots are never a big problem when you know how to make it beautiful. While many are struggling against their dark roots we offer you hair color ideas with dark roots to try as something creative and eye-catching. There are really fascinating solutions for dark roots you can’t even imagine. Just close your eyes once and open again to see the most beautiful shades with dark roots that remind of mini-ombre colors with dark roots 2017Light Blonde Hair with Dark Roots

Perhaps you are a natural brunette who has gone for blonde and always does her best to hide those grown out roots. Give up doing it because I am here to offer you a cool solution. Just keep the roots in a warm brown shade and update the rest of your hair color with the chosen blonde shade. It’s better to keep the roots in your natural brunette hair color to get a well-balanced effect. Dark roots with blonde hair also help to look subtle when you have dark eyes. Women with naturally light blonde hair colors can dye their roots in dark tones just for fun and a bit of change.

Winter 2017 Hair Color Trends

We change our style according to the latest trends and runway looks. The same is about hair colors and hairstyles. The best inspiration for us are generally posh and trendy celebrity looks as well as stunning models. When it comes to hair shades we try to pull off a matching hair color for this or that particular season. It’s the high time to be admired by the prettiest winter 2017 hair color trends. Check out these new hair color to try this winter.winter 2017 hair colorsMixed Blonde Hair Color

Looking at Beyoncé’s new shade one may think that this is a new blonde hair color. Well, that’s right. It’s the new mixed blonde with light and dark shades for ladies who wish to have a long-lasting blonde hairstyle. According to Beyoncé’s hairstylist and colorist Hazan, this is a great mixture of blonde hair colors that lasts longer than any other shade. It requires less touch ups as there are reasonably added light and faded hues. So the balance between two tones is more than eye-catching. The so called bottle blonde was is also experimented by Khloe Kardashian and Kate Hudson.

Crazy Hair Color Ideas and Highlights

Each time you think of a new hair color you do your best to get a more attractive solution. Women who experiment with millions of dark, light, vibrant and neutral shades are never afraid of unusual and crazy hair colors and highlights. If you are one of them then you surely need a new inspiration for this season.crazy hair colors for 2017It’s the high time to grab attention with a brand new shade if you have that freedom and desire. Unfortunately, many women can’t go for such cool experiments because of their environment or lifestyle. But some just don’t care and wear the hair color they have always dreamed of. Luckily, the rich hair color palette gives us the chance to rock any shade we like. Just make sure you really need that huge change in your appearance and go ahead with one of these trendy styles. Think twice before dying and consider your hair type, its state, current hair color, your complexion and eye hue. After dying use proper makeup tips for well-balanced and flashy looks. 

New Reverse Ombre Hair Color Ideas

Ombre is a timeless style that always tends to be on the top lists of trendy hair colors. Instead of fading, it continues to be evolved and more modernized. It takes new forms and becomes more requested in salons. Celebrities like Beyoncé, Kim Kardashian, Rihanna, Mile Cyrus and many others have alredy experimented with the classic ombre style. But a few are familiar with the new reverse ombre hair colors. The style is slowly making a huge popularity and becomes quite interesting.reverse ombre hair colors 2017The main principle of reverse ombre hair colors is to get light roots and darker tips. It’s the pure opposite of the common ombre style. According to skillful hair colorist Marie Robinson your stylist should use two tones of the same tone family to create a well-balanced reverse ombre hair colors. Ask your hair colorist for first 1-2 shades darker than your base color for the mid-lengths and then 3-4 shades darker the ends.

Fabulous Ash Blonde Hair Colors

Ash blonde hair colors and combinations are the ultimate hair color trends in the fashion world. They make hair look metallic, shiny and more angelic especially when you add some silvery hues and grey highlights. Today hairstylist are able to provide you with natural-looking hair colors mixing several shades of blonde and grey. If you haven’t discovered the latest ash blonde hair colors yet, then keep on reading and be admired by these looks.ash blonde hair colors 2017Light Ash Blonde Hair Color

Like any other hair color ash blonde also has its light and dark shades for different complexions, eye hues and preferences. Though both dark and light ash blondes look faded but they are very subtle on hair. Here you see light ash blonde hair in a super straight hairstyle. Yes. The best ash blond shades are reflected on straight hairstyles. Light ash blondes go well with light to medium skin tones and they tend to bring out warm undertones. You can get a natural effect if you have light eyes.

Awesome Auburn Hair Color Inspiration

There is no any other natural-looking red shade for you to try this year than the ravishing auburn hair color. Whether you have decided to go for a dark red shade or just a reddish highlights closer to natural red hair color, auburn is always there for you. This hair color makes you more eye-catching and switches up your look. If you are in a hunt of a brand new shade of red then you’d better consult with your colorist to pick the most gorgeous auburn hair color according to your complexion.auburn hair colors 2017The best thing about auburn hair color is that it works well both on brunettes and blondes. All you need is just the right hue. Nowadays the hair color palette is so rich in red hues that sometimes you get confused in the variety.

Gorgeous Blue Hair Highlights

Thinking of turning heads? Start with your hair color. It’s one of the most eye-catching things in a woman’s entire appearance. Daring and bold hair colors are quite common these days and women with edgy haircuts and shades stand out from the crowd. Perhaps you avoid too bright and vibrant hair colors, but still decided to experiment with an artistic style. What about blue hair highlights? While the hair color choice is not a simple task but the way you decide to style your hair speaks about your individuality and own approach towards your look. Check out these hairstyles with blue highlights and find your hair highlights 2017Pastel Blue Highlights

The most exquisite and sophisticated shade of blue is paste blue personally for me. Though it doesn’t work with every hair color but it looks amazing on hair once you opt for the right method. The best pastel blue highlights are reflected on light blonde, pinkish and silver hair colors. They tend to make hair softer and more ethereal. No matter what haircut you wear right now, you can add pastel highlights here and there over your hair to get this awesome result.