2017 Hair Color Trends for Short Hair

When it comes to short haircuts stylists recommend to combine them with soft and shiny hair colors to break down any harsh or boyish effect. If you are rocking a short pixie or a bob haircut then check out these trendy hair colors for 2017 to use for your short hair. Opt for the most flattering hue to enhance your charm and the beauty of your short and trendy haircut.hair colors for short hair 2017Short Blonde Haircuts

The lighter your hair color the softer your haircut looks be it a short bob or a pixie cut. If you have decided to dye your hair in a subtle blonde shade you can make your choice between platinum blonde, golden blond, baby buttery blonde and light honey blonde hair colors. It’s easier to get for these shades if you have naturally blonde hair, but believe in me even dark-skinned ladies opt for platinum blonde short hairstyles to look so posh and attractive.

Amazing Burgundy Red Hair Color

While you may match your hair color with the season there is a single shade for the all year round. Just like the hot wine red hue burgundy red hair color is your ultimate red shade for 2017. It is also called Marsala red and is considered as the color of the year according to pantone. You need to discover the beauty of this amazing hair color to use it with great pleasure. Here collected images of burgundy red hair will make you fall in love with dark red wig. It’s the most popular dark red hair color in the fashion world.burgundy red hair coors 2017Women who want to experiment with a bold hair color but are too shy to go for bright shades like blue, green or orange, burgundy offers the most flattering option. It is quite dark to grab too much attention and is very interesting to keep many eyes on your posh look. Besides, it comes up in a variety of tones which gives you the opportunity to pick the right one for your complexion.

Inspiring Hair Color Ideas from Kylie Jenner

Kylie Jenner is well-known with her amazing hair color transformations and makeovers. She is a big fan of unusual hair colors and often experiments with original and inspiring shades of various hues. This young lady is quite confident in her decisions and likes to be in the center of attention thanks to her posh experiments. This time we will be inspired by the most beautiful hair colors by Kylie Jenner. Keep up with her style and copy the most luxurious looks for the coming season.Klylie Jenner hair colors 2017Kylie Jenner Black Hair Color

Being a lovely natural brunette Kylie Jenner looks delightful in dark shades. One of them is the raven hue, which frames her face so daintily and brings it her complexion. It’s one of the best shades that she can wear anytime. It makes her eyes shinier and she looks very tender in her hotness.

Unique Underlights Hair Colors for Summer 2017

Whatever you may  try this  year underlights is your ultimate rainbow hair color inspiration. If you have spent months keeping your hair in a monochrome shade, then it’s the high time to try out undelights hair colors in summer 2017 to have much fun and grab more attention. Just because your environment or workplace didn’t allow you to go for a unique and bold hair color, doesn’t mean that you can’t try it during your holidays. This trend captures many hearts and is already experimented with many celebrities. Would you like to get that amazing transformation? Consult with your colorist and choose one of these options to copy this summer.underlights hair colors 2016 2017How to Get

Underlights are all about rainbow shades added to hair in a fascinating method and manner. They cover your strands of the underside of your hair and is visible once you go for half-updo or common updo hairstyles. You can hide them whenever you want with the help of simple downdo hairstyles. The process of the coring involves selecting and coloring only the underside of your hair keeping the top part in its natural shade.

Best Dirty Blonde Hair Color Ideas

Everyone from Jennifer Lawrence to Cara Delevingne is experimenting with dark or the so-called dirty blonde hair colors for the coming cold season. This warm hair color makes their complexion warmer and keeps it quite eye-catching. It seems as if you have had natural blonde locks and they have become darker with the age. Whether it sounds persuading or not dirty blonde remains a natural-looking shade for women with dark, olive to medium skin tones.dirty blonde hair colors 2017Jennifer Lawrence Dirty Blonde Hair Color

Jennifer Lawrence is a big fan of blonde hair colors but this time she has decided to experiment with a dark shade of blonde. This luscious long haircut with golden hues is sparkling in dirty blonde combination that suits her so much. It brings out her light eye hue.

Caramel Brown Hair Colors for 2016/2017

If you think that caramel is a single shade then check out this guide to the latest caramel brown hair colors to use in 2016/2017. This trendy hair color will provide you with a hooter hairstyle and prettier hair styling ideas. It will warm up your complexion and will add richer hues of brown to blondish tints with deep golden undertones. Caramel brown is a gorgeous hair color for anyone who wants to pull off a hotter hair color than her current monochrome shade.caramel brown hair color 2017Blake Lively Caramel Brown Hair Color

Though Blake Lively is mostly blonde shades but we sometimes see her in darker and warmer hair colors like the soft and subtle caramel brown. In spite of the fact that she has medium skin with warm bronze undertones her hair colorist perfectly knows which shade of caramel brown best goes with her complexion. This is the case when we are inspired by a natural-looking brunette who is actually an ideal strawberry blonde elegance. 

New Cinnamon Swirl Hair Color Ideas

Hair color trends are pretty much limitless these days and each day we are admired by a new and creative hair painting idea. The new hair color trend called cinnamon swirl is your ultimate combination of shades based on dessert effect of brown and blonde hues. If your latest hair inspiration is ombre, balayage or bronde then you have found another one to use this year. It’s the cinnamon swirl hair color idea with its warm blonde highlights and dark roots. This is not the common ombre style but a mixture of sombre, ombre and bronde. Actually it’s a non-blended mix of dark and light tints from the rich palette of blonde and brown.cinnamon swirl hair color trend 2017Our creative and skillful hairstylist and colorist Ryan Pearl who brought the world the popular chocolate chip hair, claims that recently he has worked with many blonde and brunette celebrities/models who inspired him to create the cinnamon swirl color combo. He has developed a new hair color that will soon become the trendiest one in the fashion world.

Hottest Hollywood Stars in Strawberry Blonde Hair Colors

Not all strawberry blonde-haired women are stunning. Some fail and some succeed with this shade. that’s why we have collected the most inspiring examples of strawberry blonde hair colors for your next makeover. These Hollywood stars certainly know how to wear strawberry blonde to look so natural and sophisticated. You need to follow their tricks and copy the matching hairstyles to display your beautiful shade.strawberry blonde hair colors 2017Blake Lively Strawberry Blonde Hair Color

AKA Hollywood’s Hair Queen is known as one of the most beautiful strawberry blonde celebrities. This stunning gossip girls has captured many hearts with her bright and girlish hairstyles. She is a perfect strawberry blonde inspiration for you. Copy Blake Lively’s hair shade if you have medium complexion with warm undertones. Style your long mane into loose wavy, messy braided and cute updo hairstyles.

Top 5 Must-Have Hair Colors for 2016/2017

Don’t you notice that your hair seeks for a cool change and a trendier look? Liven it up with one of these must-have hair colors in 2016/2017. Choose the best red, blonde or brown shade to highlight the charm of your hair, complexion and the shine of your hot eyes. Harry up and amuse your friend with your huge transformation. Consult with a colorist not to fail the result.  hair colors 2017Orange-Red Hair Color

I would like to start with the most amazing red hair color for 2016/2017. It’s the ginger inspired orange-red hair color with that awesome brightness in. being such a vibrant hair color it warms up pale complexions and perfectly goes with green eyes. It will make you polished and very attractive. Orange-red works with pale to medium skin tones, which have pink undertones.

Best Hair Color Ideas for Redheads

It’s a fact that even redheads sometimes need touch ups and new shades to enhance their hair color and while others are dying their hair into natural-looking red shades naturally red-haired women look for brighter hues. From sophisticated cinnamon to the rich and bright coppery hues here are the best red hair colors for natural redheads. Keep your red hair sparkling and always so eye-catching with the help of more glamorous tints.red hair colors 2017Cinnamon Hair Color

We seldom see dark red hair colors with light skin tones and eyes but believe in me that this one of the trendiest, well-balanced and flashy combinations in the fashion world. Women with pale skin tones and light eyes look more than hot with cinnamon hair. According to a talented stylist Pierce this is a subtle reddish brown hair color that helps to bring out pale skin tones as well as warms up your entire complexion. He says that for women with green and brown eyes darker shades of red are more flattering. Look at Julianne Moore’s stunning hairstyle. She has rosy skin with olive undertones and looks so delightful in this gorgeous hair color.