Dark Red Hair Colors You Can Copy in 2018

The changes in mother nature is just a sign that you need to think of a new image. A new appearance comes from a brand-new hair color and a fresh cut. It’s always fun to play with darker dimensions over sun-kissed highlights. So, today we rounded up the cutest dark red hair colors that you can copy in 2018. Just look at some of our favorite deep red hair colors demonstrated by our favorite celebrities.dark red hair colorCrimson Hair Color

This gorgeous actress is more known with her red hair colors than her natural hue. The beauty of these locks comes from deep brown color at the roots. It’s a cute transition for redheads that want to try something cooler and catchier. If you have the same complexion as striking Emma Stone, this is the best way to go with.

Sophisticated Strawberry Hair Colors for 2018

Strawberry blonde hair color flatters every complexion. The best thing is that it’s flexible in shade. The color aims to please everyone. It is impossible to go wrong with a unique hair color like this. Since it comes in numerous sub-tones, there is an option for everyone. Below I have put together some incredible strawberry blonde hair color ideas by your favorite celebrities. If you are confused about your next hair color makeover, don’t think twice before checking these beautiful pictures.strawberry blonde hair coloraAmber Hair Color

There so many blondes that try to avoid warm tones because they tend to look brassy, but this incredible strawberry blonde hair color is anything but. It complements light skin tone bringing out the beauty of eye color. Pop singer Adele is one of the most popular wearer of this shade. She knows how to enhance her beautiful complexion with the help of a right chosen hair color.

Swoon-Worthy Rose Gold Balayage Highlights

Rose gold balayage is a technique that allows to place highlights without using foils. It makes the shade appear more natural and delicate. In this way, you can play up with different unnatural tones, including rose gold. Rose gold balayage highlights are for everyone, including brunettes. Despite of everything, there are still countless ways to experiment with this ultra-feminine shade. Go on reading and explore the cutest rose gold balayage highlights for 2018.rose gold hair colorsLong Hair and Subtle Rose Gold Balayage

If you want to add some interest throughout your long locks, consider blending varying shades. It’s not necessary to go for a major change, as even subtle highlights will change up everything. Start off with a natural dark tone on the roots and fade into lighter brown and then rose gold and blonde. You will end up with a catchy hair color.

Subtle Hair Highlights for Everyone in 2018

When thinking of a haircut or hair color change, the first thing that comes to mind is hair highlights. Never expect that highlights will go out of style. Here I have put together some mind blowing balayage hair highlights for everyone in 2018. Whether you are looking for a hair color change or you have an intention to go for a big crop, you need to see these catchy pictures. Note that these highlights work for everyone regardless of a natural hair color or texture.Subtle Hair Highlights for Everyone in 2018Choppy Cut with Mixed Highlights

A good haircut is complete when paired with a right hair color. Sometimes all you need to do is to place several highlights throughout your top layer and you are done. Ask your hair colorists to place some platinum highlights on brown locks for an extra pop. When it comes to the crop, keep it dramatic with choppy layers. The look is modern yet edgy.

Purple Balayage Hair Colors for 2018

Balayage continues to be the most prominent hair coloring technique in the hair fashion. The subtle effect provided by the technique is much loved by women around the world. Subtle as well as bold shades look equally cool when done with balayage. We want to bring your attention to these purple balayage hair colors for 2018 that are for everyone that wants to have a statement hair color. Indeed, balayage is a lower maintenance than a full dye job. The looks we have compiled are the most requested ones.  purple balayage hairs colorsLavender and Silver Hair Color

It is not a secret that purple balayage hair has a spectrum of tones. And this dusty lavender is one of the best examples that you would love to see. However, it is a great shade for women that prefer ashy tones. In a word, not everything about this style is super bright. By keeping your roots dark, go lighter towards the tips. You will end up with a trendy ombre look, just like this one.

Mahogany Hair Colors to Try in 2018

This luxurious and exotic hair color is in between red brown tones. It is just a great idea for ladies that can’t commit between red and brown hues. Mahogany is a rich shade that can be worn by women that are screaming for attention. Compared with other red sub-tones, mahogany is low-maintenance as it is in the darker spectrum. Here I have compiled some mahogany hair colors to try in 2018. If you are more into natural tones, you will love these ideas.mahogany hair colorsMahogany Brown Hair Color

We know how it is hard for you to choose a hair color that is both low-maintenance and statement maker. Well, for this reason, we highly recommend starting off with a more natural shade. Maintain the naturally dark brown shade of your roots and go for a subtle mahogany towards the tips. It is an easy color to get and plus you don’t need to worry about regular touch ups.

Warm Hair Colors for 2018

New season, new hair color! That seems an unwritten rule for females. If you are leaning to switch up some tones, check out these outstanding warm hair colors for 2018. Warmer hair colors are characterized by orange, red and gold undertones. These shades may not only give a tone to your face but also create a sun-kissed effect. The following warm tones complement an array of skin tones, but you need to talk with your hair colorist before rocking any shade. However, go on reading to see the best of warm hair colors.Warm Hair Colors for 2018Bronde Hair Color

Bronde hair color is the mix of brown and blonde tones, that continues to be the hottest trend of the year. The trick to this wearable hair color is to maintain your darker base while layering it with subtle highlights. The result happens to be a sun-kissed hair color that is dream for lots of ladies out there. Bronde is for everyone as it flatters various skin tones.

Best Blonde Hair Colors for Every Season

If you think that going from brunette to blonde tresses is an easy task, we should tell you that is not easy but it is not impossible either. As soon as you bleach your hair, various shades of blonde hair color will make your head spin. There are so many tones of blonde that it is quite hard to make a choice. Whether you are a faithful blonde or you want to add a hint of blonde throughout your locks to know how it feels like to be a blonde, check out this collection of best blonde shades that we have compiled for you.trendy hair colorsCaramel Blonde Hair Color

This incredible shade of blonde reminds of a sweet caramel and it is very flattering on warm skin tone. But that doesn’t mean women with other complexions can’t rock the style. The combination of warm skin and caramel blonde provides with a bronze goddess look in a blonde shade. It is one of the best versions of a blonde tone that is worth trying.

Coolest Midnight Blue Hair Colors Spotted on Instagram

We are still obsessed with pastel hues as they are stunning all the way up. Today we are more fascinated by the moodier takes on the colorful coifs. All midnight-blue manes inspire us to take the plunge and jump on the rainbow bandwagon. The beauty of this hair color is that you can customize it to perfectly flatter your skin tone: the more black that is in the blend, the more complimentary it is to all complexions. However, cool-skinned-girls need to add a bit more blue- based for a salter-y indigo shade. Check out these coolest midnight blue hair color that we spotted on Instagram.blue black hair colorsBlack Blue Hair Color

Yes, this superb color combo has been spotted on Instagram. It has been created by mixing dark and blue tones together. If you are a brunette and you have never had an intention to lighten up your locks, you will appreciate this rich shade. However, blue-black tones are powerful enough to add dimension and depth to the strands. The advantage of rocking this combo, is that you are not going to damage your strands too much.

Delicious Hair Color Ideas for Everyone

Like always, we popped up with some delicious hair color ideas for everyone. Here you will find everything from natural-looking hair colors to bold tones that are in mainstream. While choosing a right tone for yourself you need to take your complexion into consideration. Some females think that there is nothing better than a natural hair color, but there are celebrities that prove that sometimes a right chosen hair color may look better than a natural hair shade. Check out these pictures and find your own style.hair colors for 2018Red Copper Hair Color

Red copper hair color is trending like nothing else. These two tones are emerged. Both, are perfect for any season of the year. Luckily the shades complement numerous skin tones and eye colors. However, you also need to have a right cut to show off the beauty of tones. If you are a redhead, this color combo can be the best idea for updating your current shade.