Fancy Black Women who Rock Blonde Hair

Black women who seek for lighter hair colors sometimes fail at the end because of the wrong choice of the shade for their dark hair, dark skin tone and eyes. If you are a posh black lady who needs some blonde hair color inspiration for black women then check out the most beautiful and fashionable black celebrities who rock blonde hair so daintily. Don’t be afraid of his huge change, as the right chosen blonde hair color tends to bring out the beauty of your complexion as well as lightens your cute face a little bit.blonde hair colors for black women 2017Eva Marcille White Blonde Hair Color

Who could ever imagine that the lightest blonde hair color could compliment black skin tone so daintily? Here is the prove that white blonde is a real thing for my stunning warm-skinned ladies. Eva Marcille is one of those brave celebrities who was not afraid to experiment not only with an edgy short pixie haircut but also dyed it into a platinum blonde hair color, which ideally brings out her flawless skin tone. It makes her eyes pop out very beautifully.

Awesome Hair Color Inspiration for 2017

Taking hair to the next level with a new hair color has become so easy and common these days. Nowadays stylish women are not afraid of the bold hair coloring and highlighting ideas. Moreover, they become trendsetters of many edgy shades, hair highlights and haircuts. You worry whether it will work with your skin tone or not? Be inspired by these awesome hair colors for 2017. If you have decided to try a new trend for the coming year then visit your colorist and show off these examples. He/she will advise you the best colors 2017Blended Ombre Hair Color

Ombre is getting an update thanks to professional and creative hairdressers. This hair color is now offered with a blended solution, which takes hair closer to the natural-looking effects. The new version of ombre is going to be more delicate and less in-your-face. Compared with the first omnre hair colors these innovative styles don’t scream attention but keep you in an elegant whisper. Here the lighter shades are generally brought closer to the roots that’s why we don’t have pure dark roots and pure light tips but a mixture of dark and light.

Hottest Hair Colors for Dark Skin

We see it all the time, light skin tone combined with dark hair and dark skin tone combined with light hair colors. Women like to experiment hair colors, which are generally the perfect opposite of their natural shade. However, one should be careful before bleaching or dying her hair into a totally different shade as the result is not always the wanted. Some pull off well like posh celebrities Beyonce, Rita Ora, Megan Fox and Kim Kardashian and some fail. You should find the hottest hair colors for your dark skin tone to use this year. We are here to give you the best advice. So, keep on colors for dark skin 2017The first thing you should consider before dying your hair in any hair color is your complexion with its undertones. Any skin tone has either warm or cool undertones, which compliment this or that particular hair color. In order to check your undertones just stand under the rays of the sun and carefully look at the veins in your wrist. If you notice bluish hues, then you have cool undertones on your dark skin. If you see greenish hues then you have warm undertones. This plays a great role in the hair color choice. Since, you already know your complexion you can pass on to the choice of the hair color.

Matte Brunette and Blonde Hair Color Ideas

Something very capturing is hidden behind matte brunette and blonde hair colors. In spite of being matte, they still have the desired natural shine, which makes hair look so healthy. Lately women seek for rather natural-looking than too glossy hair colors. The best thing perhaps in this choice is that monotone hair colors look more eye-catching and make hair neater than the rest of hues from the hair color palette. All dark and light shades have their monochrome tones, which allow us to highlight the beauty of our natural hair color.matte hair colors brunette blonde 2017Ash Blonde Hair Color

The first natural-looking blonde shade in matte hues is the ash blonde. Generally, hairstylists claim that almost all ash hair colors have the matte effect in them, which provides hair with a subtle and monotone touch. You can wear this hair color if you have medium to olive skin tone with light eyes. The result is a stunning shade with an exquisite attractiveness. Combine it with matte and natural makeups in order to look like a real ash blonde beauty.

Celebrity Hair Color Ideas to Try in 2016/2017

Follow the rules of the fashion and copy the best celebrity hair colors for 2016/2017. Our team has worked hard to collect 5 best shades that celebrities rock this year. You will certainly find yours if you are a natural blonde-haired woman, brunette or redhead (what else was expected?). The ultimate hair color inspiration is waiting for you. Unlock the door for it.celebrity hair colors 2016 2017Lily Collins Bright Red Hair Color

It seems as if Lily is already tired of her brown hair and wants to have much fun with the trendy dark red shade. Actually, it suits her very much and highlights her hot personality. This lovely lady doesn’t even look bold in this bright hair color worn on the medium bob haircut. Moreover, she looks like a unique redhead. Her skin tone and dark eyes allow her to play with different dark red shades.

Latest Short Hairstyles in Blonde Hair Colors

Short blonde bob and pixie haircuts have always been requested in salons. These are the biggest hair color and hairstyle combinations that women seek for. The secret is hidden behind the softness and feminine touch of the final result. Since there are thousands of short haircut ideas for this or that particular season, we have collected the best examples of short haircuts in blonde hair colors. You are going to welcome the latest choppy, asymmetrical, undercut and many other trendy short haircuts softened with blonde shades.short blonde hairstyles 2017Short Platinum Blonde Pixie Haircut

The first is a simple pixie haircut in a monotone blonde hair color. This is the easiest solution when you want to add a soft touch to your boyish haircut. The only thing you need to consider is your skin tone and eye hues. However, platinum blonde goes well with most skin tones and finds its harmonious matching even with dark complexions. This is the case when you don’t need to worry about the final effect. It’s going to be amazing by all means.

Gorgeous Purple Highlights for All Hair Colors

Adding some bright and vibrant shades to your base hair color can be so much fun. There are many shades of rainbow used special for hair highlighting but you can use your favorite hair color as a highlighting idea. For me purple has an artistic charm and makes hair very beautiful. If you, too, think so, then let’s be inspired by the latest purple hair highlights for any hair color. If you choose to get a unique hairstyle then opt for purple highlights.purple highlights 2017Burgundy Red Hair with Purple Highlights

Radiant purple highlights seem to be created special for dark burgundy red hair. Your super trendy red hair will become even trendier with the help of these shiny tints. The brighter your hair color the healthier your hair will look. So welcome the radiant purple highlights and add them all over your reddish locks. Style them into curls and waves to allow the sun to play with your hues.

2017 Hair Colors with Colorful Roots

Trends can start from people rocking the streets with their intriguing and fascinating styles and be inspired by the latest runway looks created by professional and stylish designers. When it comes to hair colors we see the craziest solutions each year offered by the biggest trendsetters, celebrities as well as just stylish women. One of the latest hair coloring ideas in the fashion industry is the base hair shades with colorful roots for 2017. Below you see the most fashionable options and colors with colorful roots 2017Blonde Hair with Pink Roots

When hair is dyed in a light shade the possibilities of dying the roots in an eye-catching shade increase. You easily turn off your hair color into a two-tone effect with the help of an unusual and unique hair color like pink. It can be either light or dark according to your base hair color and skin tone. Since platinum blonde is the most popular blonde shade for 2016/2017, we offer you this cool idea of enhancing your platinum hair. Add pink tints to your roots.

Unusual Hair Color Ideas for Brides

The wedding white dress has the best shade to match with any hair color, that’s why lately we see brave brides who dye their hair in unusual hair colors. Besides thinking of a posh, luxurious and eye-catching hairstyle, you can also go for a unique hair color for your big day. If you choose the most flattering hue for your complexion, your man will surely love it. Just give it a try and enjoy your brand new, angelic, ethereal, glamorous and original hair colors for brides 2017Brides with Red Hair Color

The first fiery hair color that can make you look like a doll is the rich red. This is not the natural-looking ginger but the hot and vibrant red with the fire in it. Women with light skin tones look gorgeous in red hair colors combined with retro hairstyles. Due to the sparkling whiteness of the wedding gown your hair color looks even more attractive and beautiful. It requires red lips and smokey or dark ye makeup.

Sunset Hair Color Idea for Summer/Fall 2016

We generally categorize the seasons into spring/summer and fall/winter. This time we are going to do an exception taking summer with fall because that thing is not about outfits and shoes but new sunset hair color ideas for 2016. It is undeniable that this hair trend best goes with the hot summer and colorful autumn season. So, let’s discover the beauty of sunset on hair.sunset hair colors 2016If you don’t like the rainbow hair coloring idea or the sand art hair and seek for more natural-looking multi-tone shades then the new sunset hair trend is created special for you. The concept of this hair painting idea is to provide your locks with the shades of the hot, warm and mysterious sunset. The gradual change of hues looks so attractive and harmonious on hair once you opt for the right colors. All the pinkish reds, warm purples, burning oranges and sun-kissed yellows are the loveliest hues to combine in order to get this amazing effect on hair.