Pretty Hair Highlights for Dark Brown Hair

Monochrome hair colors sometimes look dull and uninteresting. In order to liven them up, we refer to stylish hair highlights. This time the turn is for the pretty hair highlights for dark brown hair. You will be admired with not only the latest shades but also matching haircuts and hairstyles. So, be inspired by the most glamorous ideas of highlighting dark brown highlights for dark brown hair 2017Light Brown Highlights for Dark Brown Hair

The first shade that comes to your mind is the light brown for dark brown. To give your current dark hair an easy update and a kind of lightness you can add some natural-looking thin light brown highlights. Try a hue that’s relatively close to your natural shade and create shimmery natural-looking glow. Place those highlights around the top and face framing strands of your hair, style into loose wavy, straight shiny or updo hairstyles to bring out all the charm.

Hottest Red Ombre Hair Color Ideas

When one decides to dye her hair in a posh red shade, she usually consults with a stylist to take the most suitable one for her skin color. However, things change a little bit when it comes to the trendy ombre style. This allows you to go for different matchings and to create unique shades. Besides being a fantastic option red ombre hair colors suit almost everyone when you find the best ombre hair colors 2017Dark Red Ombre Hair Color

So many shades belong to the rich dark hair color palette. When you want to spice up your brunette shade with a warm and eye-catching hair color, you start thinking of the hot red. But which red is best for dark hair? Here hairstylists offer to go for the rich burgundy, dark copper or reddish brown hair colors to get awesome balance.

Natural-Looking Hair Colors from the Catwalk 2016/2017

When our team does some research in the latest runway looks, we discover that there are many bold hair colors that designer prefer to add to the overall looks of their models. And since our readers are mostly interested in the trendy natural-looking hair colors for 206/2017 we have collected the most inspiring catwalk looks in natural hair colors. Let us introduce the most amazing list of natural-looking shades right now and right colors 2017Dark Brown Hair Color

Kendall Jenner is known as one of the most inspiring brunette models who likes to keep her shade in many natural-looking brown hues. This dark brown hair color is her natural shade with the enhanced shine and healthier look. It ideally goes with her dark eyes and flawless skin tone and tends to display her mysterious beauty.

New Hair Highlights Ideas

There are times when you don’t want to go for a huge hair color transformation but need a simple trick to liven up your locks. In this case, hair highlights come for help. They help to add depth and dimension to your hair and make it healthier, shiner and prettier. Today we are here to discuss several new hair highlighting ideas for different base hair colors, complexions and eye hues. Keep your eyes on some of the most suitable options for you to try this highlights 2017Dirty Blonde Hair with Light Blonde Highlights

Thin and subtle light blonde streaks on dirty blonde hair are the best solution for you to lighten up your current hair color. Here we are admired by Jennifer Aniston’s blonde hair color with lighter highlights created by her professional colorist Michael Canale. Michael describes this shade as a caramelized blond with three signature highlights including beige tones which bring out her lovely eye hue. Canale advises to update this hair color from every four weeks up to three months once you notice it’s getting faded.

Best Hair Color Ideas for Women over 40

If you have never colored your hair before your first greys, then it’s the high time to have fun with the trendy hair colors for women over 40. This is the age when hair tends to get thinner and unhealthier. Besides the vitamins and right lifestyle you also need to care of your hair color and its shine. While younger women dye their hair just for fun, you are supposed to hide the grays or to bring out their charm with modern tips and tricks. We will help you to embrace your beauty and to make your hair look colors for women over 40 2017According to experts and professional hair colorists  Rita Hazan who works with Jennifer Lopez, hair in your 40s is basically in the process of changing texture and entire look. On order to keep it thick, healthy, luscious and so pretty like Jennifer Lopez’s hair, you should opt for hair masks, special products and hair colors, which boost shining and sparkling hair.

Golden Light Red Hair Colors for 2017

The delicious strawberry blonde hair color has pushed out the platinum blonde from the tops listed trends proving that golden light red hair color for 2017 is the right shade to take after so many whitish blondes. These honey-colored strands look shinier and healthier. Now, we’ll be admired by the best looks of light golden redhead celebrities who rock the red carpet. Perhaps the most fascinating thing about these hair colors is that they are harmonious combos of light red and golden strawberry blonde shades.light golden red hair colors 2017Rachelle Lefevle Light Red Hair Color

There are natural redheads and just women who pull off light red hair like real redheads. Rachelle Lefevle’s light golden red hair color is one of the best examples for you to consider if you have light to medium skin tone with warm undertones and light eyes. This hair color makes hair shinier, brighter and stronger. It is a golden hue with the lovely kiss of the sun in it. Curls and waves ideally bring out the beauty of the golden hues.

Sand Art Multi-Tone Hair Colors

Have you seen a bottle beautified with sand art? There are all the shades of rainbow mingled into images and cool exotic elements. The same we have in the hair coloring art. This new multi-tone hair color idea is called sand art hair that continues the rainbow craze with modern touches and creative experiments. It’s the incredible hair coloring idea offered by Rebecca Taylor who has used Pravana hair dye to create these crazy color combinations that now are all over Instagram and Pinterest.Sand Art Hair colors for 2017The main aim of the sand art hair color is to provide with a bright game of rainbow colors inspired by the 90’s sand art souvenirs from our unforgettable summer holiday. It really reminds us of those crazy hot days on the beach. The chosen shades are basically from the rich palette of pastel hues. However women with dark hair colors opt for brighter multi-tone hair colors to get flattering rainbow look on their hair.

Hollywood’s Glamorous Ombre Hair Colors

If you often get your hair color inspiration from the gorgeous Hollywood stars probably, you are the one who seeks for new changes. This cool guide to the latest ombre hair colors from celebrities will help you to get familiar with the most glamorous matching of the ombre style. Smart and professional hair colorists take thousands of dollars from our stunning celebrities to provide them with such delightful hair colors. So, we get these ideas for free. Why not to use them in the nearest future?ombre hair colors 2017Kim Kardashian Ombre Hair Color

Number one popular reality show star is Kim Kardashian who makes us fall in love with the most luxurious and trendy styles she opt for. After the so many shades of brown and blonde finally we saw her in a warm ombre hair color. It’s a dark classic ombre worn on long mane and is worth trying once at least in your life if you are a natural brunette.

Hair Color Ideas for 2017: New York Fashion Week Street Looks

What fancy and glamorous women prefer to wear on the street doesn’t much differ from the runway looks as they always follow the latest trends and opt for the latest hair colors. This time we’ll discover the most attractive street looks and their hair colors ideas for 2017. You will be amused by the tendency of some of the unusual shades that women rock on the streets of New York. Well, let’s check them out together and think of a new hair color for colors 2017Trend #1 Granny Hair Color

The first hair color trend that we often see on the streets of New York is the granny hair. Women reasonably change their blonde, brunette or even red hair into natural-looking shades of grey to soften their hair colors.

Fall Hair Color Ideas from Hollywood Stars

Celebrities usually change their hair colors according to the coming season. I know you need a new fall hair color inspiration and I am here to offer you to take examples from the most attractive Hollywood stars who follow the rules of the fashion and keep up with the trends. From the lightest to the darkest, there are lovely shades for the colorful fall.fall hair colors 2016 2017Kate Beckinsale Brunette Hair Color with Highlights

Naturally brown-haired women change up their hairstyle with the help of thin and natural-looking highlights. Your stylist can add caramel highlights if your brunette hair is warm and somehow light like Kate Beckinsale’s brown hair color. She has medium warm complexion, which ideally goes with caramel highlights. These are called piecey highlights from the top to the tips and look lovey on super straight and slightly wavy hairstyles.