Hair Color Inspiration from London Fashion 2017

Be it a street style or runway, women know how to dress in London. We love the innovative experiments of hairstylists and hair colorists that rock the posh salons in London and offer us new and cool hairstyle ideas. We are thankful for the talented designers who dress up their models so daintily and beautifully and match their outfits with the shiny hair colors and unique hairstyles. This time we will discuss the latest hair color trends for 2017 from London fashion. Open your eyes wider to get your next hair color fashion hair colors 2017Creamy Ombre Hair Color

Matte hair colors in two-tone effects are rather fascinating than too eye-catching mixtures. When you combine light blonde and brown hair colors you get a cute creamy ombre hair color which sparkles on straight, sleek and soft hairstyles. Here you see one such example. It is really one of the best creamy ombre hair colors to use in 2017. The top part is daintily kept dark and the rest of hair is lightened up into a dirty blonde hair color. The sweet touch on the blonde shade is very touchable thanks to the glamorous and classic straight hairstyle.

Hottest Dark Red Hair Colors

Dark hair colors are not always dull and common. Besides the traditional dark brunette hair colors there are also reddish hues, which have rich brightness and sophistication. Women in these dark red hair colors look very hot and delightful. Their hair becomes shinier, healthier and stronger which makes the watcher fall in love with that amazing look. Compared with many red hair colors below represented shades seem to be the most “powerful” and attractive hues of red. Get your ultimate hair color inspiration and go ahead with a deep red tint.dark red hair colors 2017Dark Marsala Red Hair Color

The newest shade added to the red hair color palette is the Marsala red. This is a win-y red hair color close to burgundy red hair colors. However, it has more violet undertones, which make the hair color darker and richer. Luckily, it suits women of both dark and pale complexions and brings out light eye hues. Dark Marsala red hair color best goes with dark eyes especially with black eye hues. You can wear this hair color on your short pixie cuts to get an awesome feminine effect or pull off a trendy Marsala red medium to long straight hairstyle.

Gorgeous Splashlight Hair Colors

Hair coloring techniques are evolved day by day. Each season we are admired by the innovative experiments of hairstylists who find our easier yet more productive ways of styling our locks.  One of the latest hair color trends is the splashlight hair color idea for the big fans of mixed hair colors. Like most hair highlighting and coloring techniques splashlights are also meant to illuminate the hair. This is a unique style for many women who have tried out millions of hair highlights and loom for something subtler and more natural-looking.Splashlights hair colors 2017What is Splashlight and How to Get It?

Let’s first unveil the secret of splashlights. It is a new hair color trend that tends to frame the face with a tender charm and shine. The coloring technique involves horizontal splash of shades on middle part of hair. Unlike the common and traditional vertical hair highlighting it is applied horizontally, that’s why the effect is so natural. the creator of the “Pink Splashlight” Mario Charalambous explains that this is a kind of light projection and a game of subtle hues.

2017 Sweet Honey Blonde Hair Colors

What do you know about the versatility of blonde hair colors? They are millions. Bright, light, sun-kissed and many other bombshell blonde shades that pop so beautifully on hair have zillions of tones either dark or light. Honey blonde is one of the most popular blonde hair colors in the fashion industry. It is known with its incredible glossiness, melting sun-kissed effect and of course the sweet honey warmth. honey blonde hair colors 2017You can use honey blonde hair colors in 2017 as trendy and fresh shades for your light or dark hair. Many brown-haired women opt for dark honey blonde hair colors to lighten up their complexion as well as to add extra shine to their strands. Blonde-haired women, on the other hand dye their hair in honey blonde to make their locks look healthier.

Inspiring Celebrities in Silver Hair Colors

From Rihanna to Kylie Jenner and from Kate Moss to Lady Gaga we have seen many celebrities rocking grey hair colors. Now the turn is for the latest experiments worn by our cute Perrie Edwards, hot Jourdan Dunn, incredible Chiara, stunning Jade Thirlwall and lovely Jaime Winstone. Let’s check out the most amazing grey hair colors by celebrities.celebrity grey hair colors 2017Jaime Winstone Grey Hair Color

Once Jaime Winstone went for a short pixie haircut she knew she also needs a soft hair color. She made her choice between light platinum blonde and grey hair colors. The result is this subtle and cute hair color. It goes well with her stylish haircut and brings out those shiny eyes. The chosen Marsala lipstick enhances her makeup and draws attention to the lightness of her hair.

Modern Hair Highlights for Bangs

If you are a big fan of bang hairstyles then this article is a cool one for you, because here are collected the latest ideas of hair highlights for bangs. From now on, you will embrace your fringe not only with the help of new cuts and hairstyles but also with fresh highlights. You can either add highlights only to your bangs or blend it with the rest of your hair. In many cases, professionals recommend to focus on the front face framing highlights for bangs 2017Vibrant Highlights on Bangs

Whether you call them unnatural, edgy, flash or just bold vibrant hair highlights are popular these days. They are applied not only on the tips of hair but also on the bangs in order to create a well-balanced effect. If you have long hair you can add the same shade both on your fringe and on the tips of your hair, but in case you rock a short haircut you can just color your bangs. If you have dark hair you can opt for reddish, purple, blue, dark turquoise or dark pink highlights. Women with light hair colors may try bright pastel or rainbow highlights.

Trendy Hair Colors for Brunettes 2017

While many think that blondes have all the fun brunettes prove that they capture many male hearts with their hot hair colors. According to the latest statistics the majority of stylish men prefer women with long, thick, healthy and dark hair which looks so soft and natural. Being so required, lately the rich color palette offers us new and new brown hair color ideas for 2017 some of which are represented below.brunette hair colors 2017There are millions of brunette and brown tones which differ from each other by their warmth, darkness and lightness. Usually we see mixtures of various brown hair color which provide with richer and shinier effects. Many find them refreshing that’s why professional hair colorists recommend their celebrity clients to try brunette shades.

Sweet Strawberry Blonde Hair Color and Matching Hairstyles

Considering the fact that strawberry blonde is a trendy hair color for 2017 we find it important to give matching hairstyle and haircut idea to our readers. You’ll surely need some inspiration when it comes to suitable haircuts or hairstyles for your strawberry blonde hair color. There are special styles that enhance and bring out the beauty of this sweet, subtle and soft hair color. You need to frame your face with the right hairstyle in order to feel the warmth of the reddish or peachy blonde hue.strawberry blonde hair colors 2017Strawberry Blonde Layered Hairstyle

Medium to long layered cuts in loose wavy styles are on the lists of the latest trendy hairstyle for light-haired women. So, this ideally goes with strawberry blonde hair. If you have long, thin or damaged locks, then update them with a fresh layered haircut and go for a shiny strawberry blonde hair color. Then style your hair into loose and natural-looking waves.

Katy Perry’s Crazy Hair Color Makeover

Years are passing so fast and our celebrities change a lot. They like to do crazy experiments with their entire look and style and we are the followers of their huge transformations. There are such brave celebrities who are not afraid of any kind of change and have rich hairstyle, haircut and hair color makeover. One of them is the talented singer Katy Perry who enjoys grabbing attention with her unusual and unique hair colors. let’s discuss some of the most memorable hair colors of Katy Perry and get new ideas for 2017.katy perry hair color makeover 2017Katy Perry Lavender Hair Color

Few people know that Katy has naturally blonde hair. That’s the secret why she easily pulls of light hair colors and all those stunning pastel shades so daintily. They ideally go with her complexion, eye hue and base hair color. However even with pastel shades she likes to keep her roots darker. Here you see her in a cute lavender hair color combined with dark roots and short loose waves. The hairstyle is very subtle and festive. It makes hair her very soft and sweet as well as highlights her light eyes.

Washed-Out Hair Color Ideas for 2017

The struggle against fading hair colors is now over, as stylists prove that the ultimate hair trend for 2017 is the washed out hair color. We tend to go for frequent showers especially during the hot summer days and as a result, we wash out our fresh hair colors. Believe in me, it’s not a big problem to worry about, because your faded hair color is going to look more fashionable than the fresh hue. Why not embrace washed-out hair colors in 2017? Let’s discover the best ideas to use for the coming hair coloring season.Washed-Out Hair Color Ideas for 2017Take an example from Pyper America Smith who has too light and washed-out blonde hair color. While men copy her brother’s Lucky Blue Smith’s light hair colors, women are welcome to pull off this cute and stunning hue of Pyper America Smith. We have also seen her in light pink, faded grey and many other washed-out hair colors, which highlight her natural beauty.