5 Best Shades of Brown Hair Color

Among millions of brown shades here we have collected 5 best brown hair colors for you to use in 2017. Brown-haired women can have lots of fun too with new and shiny brown shades. Who could ever imagine that this dark hair color has a rich palette full of light and dark hues for different complexions? due to its neutral tone brown can be blended with many other hair colors and provide us with richer hair shades. The best thing about these shades is that they can warm up our skin tones and make our shiny eyes more seductive.brown hair colors 2017Reddish Brown Hair Color

The first hue that you can consider in 2017 is the brown hair color with reddish undertones. This dark yet warm shade of brown is able to highlight the charm of medium skin tones and the tenderness of light eyes. It will definitely warm up your complexion as well as add more incredible shine to your brunette locks. You don’t always need to lighten up your hair color to create a harmonious and well-balanced effect with your complexion. Sometimes darker hues go better with pale skin tones and don’t look washed out or faded.

Caramel Hair Color Ideas for 2017

Recently caramel hair color has been a dominant shade among all brunet and blonde hair color alternatives. That is to say, women looking for something between blonde and brunet opt for caramel hair colors for 2017. This sweet candy inspired hair color with so much warmth and richness in it makes hair very beautiful, luscious and appealing. It goes well with most complexions and eye hues. Since there are caramel blonde and caramel brown hair colors as well as their delightful mixtures, you can easily pick the best shade for your skin tone.caramel hair colors 2017Black to Caramel Hair Color

If you seek for a high contrast and an eye-catching hair color the black to caramel combination is a great tool for you. Keep your dark base hair color and highlight all over with chunky caramel highlights. Longer strands are highly recommended in this case. Curl your locks with a large-sized curling tool to enhance the dramatic contrast between the dark and warm shades. Back women will easily take their hairstyle to the next level with the help of this option.

Light Grey Hair Colors from Hollywood

In spite of the fact that grey hair speaks about your getting older many young women go for different shades of grey with great pleasure. Since we have already discovered the best silver hair colors in our previous articles we can go deeper into the theme to find out some of the light grey hair colors for 2017. We have found several cool photos of Hollywood stars in light grey hair colors.light grey hair colors 2017Hilary Duff Light Grey Hair Color

If you do some research about Hilary Duff’s grey hair color you will meet such contrasting pictures where she looks quite different. It seems if she dyes her locks in several gray hues but the secret is that the fresh shade of grey looks washed out and lighter each time she rinses her hair. Here we see her in a light grey hair color that looks like a cool reverse ombre style. The roots are in whitish grey while the tips are pure grey. It makes her hair softer and her entire look subtler.

Lavender Hair Color Ideas and Hairstyles

One of the most interesting things in the fashion world is that everything tends to change by the time. Men wear long hairstyles and women rock short haircuts. When it comes to hair colors, we meet more extravagant solutions and styles both among men and women. But the truth is that women like more frequent updates and styles. For examples lavender hair color is becoming very popular unlike its being so bold and unusual. Though it’s tough to achieve lavender hair color on natural hair colors but many are not afraid of radical changes and cool experiments. In spite of standing in front of the mirror and trying to imagine how you’ll look in lavender hair you can check out my modern collection of lavender hair color and matching hairstyles.lavender hair colors 2017Lavender Ombre Hair Color

The first style that has captured my heart is the lavender ombre hair color. It is best seen on high ponytail hairstyles. The roots are in light ash-y brown shade while the tips are in cool lavender hair color. The combination is so beautiful especially due to the length of the hair. Long and high ponytail hairstyles look very attractive in ombre shades. You will get the pure fairy look with a subtle lavender ombre hair color.

2017 Latest Red Ombre Hair Color Trends

Whether your hair is pretty or not depends on the ways you choose to style it. Hair color plays a great role in any hairstyle/ why do women hide their grey strands? They want to look younger as well as to keep their hair shiny, attractive and so beautiful. If you often change your hair colors or just think of a trendy hair color idea here are the best and latest red ombre hair colors for 2017.red ombre hair colors 2017Dark Brown to Red Ombre Hair Color

Your dark hair needs a hint of stunning effect, which you can get by the red ombre style. Dye the tips into a dark red hair color such as burgundy, mahogany red or Marsala. This hair color is modern and very harmonious. Unlike many artificial combinations, it looks quite subtle and sophisticated.

New Balayage Hair Color Inspiration

You are already familiar with the trendy balayage hair color idea and are surely going to use it in 2017. But what about new styles and ideas. Special for your interests we have collected the latest posh looks in balayage hair colors and hairstyles. Recently we are admired by the stunning balayage effects created by celebrity stylist Guy Tang. Since this is  branch of the classical ombre hair colors we generally meet dark roots combined with lighter tips. The natural, sun-kissed and subtle looks achieved by lovely mixtures of dark and light hair colors are ready to provide your hair with the desired shine and fresh effect.balayage hair colors 2017How to Get:

It is possible to get balayage hair colors on dark hair with the help of caramel, ash brown, blondish and golden tints. Your stylist is supposed to opt for rather a painting technique than simple hair coloring. He/she should use a his/her fingers instead of a brush to get this natural-looking style. The process of applying the hair color varies from according to your hair length, texture and of course your expectations.

Brown Hair Colors with Blonde Highlights

If you are a natural brunette beauty perhaps, you have always dreamed of blonde hair. But women tend to love their natural hair color with the age. At your 20’s you start to notice the charm of your dark hair and think of highlighting g its beauty. If you have never tried cool hair highlights to display you dark hair color we are here to inspire you with these brown hair colors with blonde highlights. You will love the way blonde highlights lighten up your hair color and add extra-shine.brown hair with blonde highlights 2017 - CopyBrown Hair with Ash Blonde Highlights

Your beautiful brunette hair can be ever more enhanced with ash blonde highlights. For the highest impact of color, you should add these highlights on the bangs if there are any and on the rest of your face framing strands. This will help you to lighten up your hair color and complexion. Ash blonde highlights best go with chestnut brown and ash brown hair colors. The cooler your undertones the more harmonious will be the final look.

Hair Color Inspiration from London Fashion 2017

Be it a street style or runway, women know how to dress in London. We love the innovative experiments of hairstylists and hair colorists that rock the posh salons in London and offer us new and cool hairstyle ideas. We are thankful for the talented designers who dress up their models so daintily and beautifully and match their outfits with the shiny hair colors and unique hairstyles. This time we will discuss the latest hair color trends for 2017 from London fashion. Open your eyes wider to get your next hair color idea.london fashion hair colors 2017Creamy Ombre Hair Color

Matte hair colors in two-tone effects are rather fascinating than too eye-catching mixtures. When you combine light blonde and brown hair colors you get a cute creamy ombre hair color which sparkles on straight, sleek and soft hairstyles. Here you see one such example. It is really one of the best creamy ombre hair colors to use in 2017. The top part is daintily kept dark and the rest of hair is lightened up into a dirty blonde hair color. The sweet touch on the blonde shade is very touchable thanks to the glamorous and classic straight hairstyle.

Hottest Dark Red Hair Colors

Dark hair colors are not always dull and common. Besides the traditional dark brunette hair colors there are also reddish hues, which have rich brightness and sophistication. Women in these dark red hair colors look very hot and delightful. Their hair becomes shinier, healthier and stronger which makes the watcher fall in love with that amazing look. Compared with many red hair colors below represented shades seem to be the most “powerful” and attractive hues of red. Get your ultimate hair color inspiration and go ahead with a deep red tint.dark red hair colors 2017Dark Marsala Red Hair Color

The newest shade added to the red hair color palette is the Marsala red. This is a win-y red hair color close to burgundy red hair colors. However, it has more violet undertones, which make the hair color darker and richer. Luckily, it suits women of both dark and pale complexions and brings out light eye hues. Dark Marsala red hair color best goes with dark eyes especially with black eye hues. You can wear this hair color on your short pixie cuts to get an awesome feminine effect or pull off a trendy Marsala red medium to long straight hairstyle.

Gorgeous Splashlight Hair Colors

Hair coloring techniques are evolved day by day. Each season we are admired by the innovative experiments of hairstylists who find our easier yet more productive ways of styling our locks.  One of the latest hair color trends is the splashlight hair color idea for the big fans of mixed hair colors. Like most hair highlighting and coloring techniques splashlights are also meant to illuminate the hair. This is a unique style for many women who have tried out millions of hair highlights and loom for something subtler and more natural-looking.Splashlights hair colors 2017What is Splashlight and How to Get It?

Let’s first unveil the secret of splashlights. It is a new hair color trend that tends to frame the face with a tender charm and shine. The coloring technique involves horizontal splash of shades on middle part of hair. Unlike the common and traditional vertical hair highlighting it is applied horizontally, that’s why the effect is so natural. the creator of the “Pink Splashlight” Mario Charalambous explains that this is a kind of light projection and a game of subtle hues.