Stunning Celebrities in Brown Hair Colors

Brown hair color is perhaps the most elegant and “humble” hair color of all. All the light and dark shades of brown are so lovely, sweet, subtle, mysterious and attractive. They tend to make your hairstyle very healthy and shiny. Brown hair has millions of fans all over the world and the most amazing thing about it is that it can be glamorous even in natural effects. Today we will get our inspiration from the posh celebrities in brown hair colors. Keep your eyes on some of the best looks to try in 2017.celebrity brown hair colors 2017Bella Hadid Chestnut Brown Hair Color

Bella Hadid is one of the most beautiful brunette celebrities with light eyes and pale skin tone. She has worn many dark shades of brown but the natural-looking chestnut is the softest hair color that she has ever rocked. It goes well with her straight, thick medium to long hairstyles. The neutral shades of chestnut compliment her light eye and make them even subtler.

Best Hair Colors for Fair Skin 2017

Should you go for another hair color? Should you find the best shade for your locks? These questions first come in your mind when you are inspired by a trendy hair color. However, every stylist recommends to take into account several important factors before you change your natural hair color. It’s essential to consider your skin tone, eye hue, current hair color and of course the expected result.  If you have pale complexion then check out this guide to the best hair colors for fair colors for fair skin 2017Ash Blonde Hair Color for Fair Skin

Let’s start from the most natural-looking and neutral hair color for fair skin. It’s the light ash blonde with thin and subtle platinum blonde highlights, which provide with extra-shine. If this is all you need to enhance your natural charm then go ahead with alight blonde hair color like Adele. She always choose the best hair colors for her complexion and eye hue. The result is always delightful and feminine.

Amazing Pastel Ombre Hair Color Inspiration

The best thing about ombre hair color trend is that it’s very flexible and versatile. One can find millions of ideas on how to get a unique ombre hair color. It sometimes requires your own fantasy and creativity to provide you with an original hairstyle. This time we will discover the best ideas of pastel ombre hair colors. Don’t miss your chance of getting inspired by one of the most ravishing and exquisite hair coloring ideas.pastel ombre hair colors 2017Pastel Pink Ombre Hair Color

Pastel pink is the most popular shade of pastel chosen for hair. It is a feminine and very soft hair color that reminds us of the lovely and sweet cotton candy. If you look for a warm yet light hair color to create an incredible ombre style then pick the pastel pink. Luckily, it goes well both with blonde and light brown hair colors as well as compliments both pale and tanned skin tones. You will get a fantastic hairstyle with pastel ombre hair color.

Craziest Green Hair Color Ideas

It seems as if recently the boundaries are being pushed more frequently and women use hair color just as a means of getting fun. Hair color experiments have become so common and popular that stylists do their best to offer their clients more creative, attractive and unique styles. Blonde, brown and red hair colors have already done their job in the fashion world and the turn is for the latest craziest shades like the green hair color with all its hues. Let’s decide the best green shades for hair colors 2017Deep Green Hair Color

The darker your hair color the more mysterious it looks. The same rule we have in the case of green hair. Have a look at this posh deep green hair color matched with light complexion. It’s a great choice for this short haircut and makes it very fresh, trendy and eye-catching. Deep green hair tends to make your locks look stronger, thicker and more voluminous. While lighter shades are subtler and softer deep green is very powerful and attractive.

2017 Inspiring Hair Colors for Undercuts

Women’s undercuts are real examples of style statement. This is how women steal men’s haircuts make them not only feminine but also trendy. These days we are not surpassed by the tendency of wearing short, medium or long undercut hairstyles. They have become thetrendiest edgy hairstyles in the fashion world. But one thing is important to consider after cutting hair into a cool undercut hairstyle. It’s the hair color. If you don’t soften your hair color you won’t get a girlish undercut hairstyle. So, be inspired by the hair colors for 2017 to use for your undercut colors for undercuts 2017Blonde and Brown Undercut Hairstyle

Miley Cyrus is a big fun of pixie haircuts and undercuts. She opts for the right hair colors to refresh her short boyish haircuts and to add a feminine touch. One of her best experiments is the blonde and brown combination. Many call it a mini-ombre hair color, as it is darker at the roots and light at the tips. The created style is enhanced with the help of cool and trendy hairstyles. Those who like the astounding ombre style and want to try out on their short undercuts are welcome to copy this hairstyle.  

Gorgeous Hair Color Ideas from Brooklyn’s Curlfest

The curly girl collective gathered together on July 19, 2016 was a real festival of curly-haired beauties. These natural hairstyles that always make black women stand out from the crowd now are collected in one place to inspire you with the most stunning hair styling and coloring ideas. We are really captured by the gorgeous hair colors from Brooklyn’s Curlfest and would like to share our favorite looks with you. Don’t miss your chance of getting admired by the natural hair colors for 2017Brunette Hair Colors

Yes, they do like their natural hair in its brunette shade and messiness. We also love the cuteness of these voluminous and unique curls. They sparkling so beautifully in light brown, dark brown and reddish brown hues making brunette hair a real trend for 2017. There is no need to mention that naturally brunette hair looks very healthy and sophisticated. Just use the right styling products for your curls and you are done with an amazing hairdo.

Chestnut Brown Hair Color Inspiration

Leave alone the myth that chestnut brown hair is dull. Chestnut brown has the most versatile shades that look so natural and beautiful. According to the latest researches men mostly like women with chestnut brown hair. No blonde and no red! Just the soft shade of a chestnut brown with all the violet, reddish and dark hues. From now on, you will be inspired by the most ravishing chestnut brown hair colors that have millions of tones.Chestnut Brown Hair Colors 2017If you have naturally chestnut brown hair color but still seek for a kind of update, you don’t need to change your shade entirely. Just a richer tone of chestnut brown hair color and you are done with a shiny hairstyle. Check out these cool ideas on how to embrace chestnut brown hair and opt for the styles that most appeals to you.

Awesome Hair Colors for 2017: Catwalk Looks

A variety of fancy hues are offered by posh designers all over the world. The main hair colors trends for 2017 are mainly the most natural and neutral shades about which we will speak below. You will be inspired by the latest runway beauty looks, their flawless skin, cute makeups and of course, fresh hair colors. Don’t miss your chance of unlocking the fashionable world of hair colors for the coming colors 2017Ash Blonde Hair with Golden Tips

Ash blonde is one of the natural-looking hair colors that has become so popular. Hair colorists have recently matched it with a bit shine using a golden hue for the tips. Since ash blonde is a matte hair color the sun-kissed effect of the golden tint makes hair shinier and prettier. In order to keep the look soft you can style your hair in a loose wavy hairstyle.

Coolest Dark Silver Hair Color Ideas

Every time I do my research in the grey hair coloring art I realize that it becomes very popular all over the world. Stylists create all the possible shades to match with different complexions, eye hues and base hair colors. It’s even fascinating how each find the best shade for her tone. This time we will discover the best dark silver hair colors to use in 2017. If you like dark yet interesting shades then let’s go!dark grey hair colors 2017Dark Silver Hair Color

The classic reflection of the dark silver hair color is best seen on smooth, super straight and sleek hair. We often meet models in long sleek grey hairstyle but short cuts in granny hair trend are also very trendy. Dark grey is a cool hair color to soften short haircuts. It goes well with warm to dark skin tones and dark eyes. However if you want to draw attention on your light complexion instead of the light grey you should go ahead with this dark shade of silver.  

Cutest Hair Color Ideas for Natural Hair

Natural Afro hair or the so called type 4 hair is generally a big problem for women who don’t know how to deal with it. Many use special products, tools and styles to embrace their messy hair and to bring it to a possible beautiful look. However a few realize that a fresh hair color can do miracles for natural locks. Sometimes all you need is a cute hair color for natural hair. Coloring hair can requires the use of chemicals, but there are also hues which are easily achieved on natural colors for natural hair 2017There are three basic types of hair dye-permanent, semi or demi permanent, and temporary. According to the expected, result you should opt for the shade technique that compliments your base hair color and complexion. Coloring hair has less to do with your hair texture, that’s why you need to focus on your skin tone, eye hue and the harmony for your new hair color.