Purple and Lavender Hair in Balayage and Ombre

Lavender and lilac shades are totally in, and they are pretty popular among young ladies because of being so unusual and subtle. There are many options available for all ladies out there. While choosing a color you should consider your skin complexion and this case is not exception too. Ladies with warm skin tones (yellow, olive) should choose warmer shades of lilac and magenta. Those with cooler undertones should consider cooler tones such as classic pastel lavender and deep violet. If you don’t want to damage your strands, go for balayage and ombre technique while keeping your roots natural.    Purple and Lavender Hair in Balayage and OmbrePurple Haze

Everything starts with smoky lavender shade that has a magical effect on long or short haired ladies. No wonder smoky tones are in mainstream and totally accepted. This gorgeous design starts with a dark grey and gradually the color melts into smoky lavender with bright lilac tips. It is a cool color combination for winter and great for those with natural-pink skin tones.

Bold Hidden Hair Color Ideas for 2017

The latest hair coloring techniques prove us that the hair specialists’ creativity doesn’t have any borders. They can literally blend everything together in order to produce something unique and eye-popping. Well, we have already seen the result of blending pastels or how they are being combined with natural hair colors to form a trendy headdress. What about a half and half or oil slick coloring techniques that left most of us speechless? What else to expect? The next trend is all about bold hidden hair color ideas for 2017. This trend is for women who have a unique style and want to stand out of the crowd.Bold Hidden Hair Color Ideas for 2017The technique of getting it is more than clear since instead of coloring all your strands with rainbow hues you just need to do it only on the underneath layer of the strands. It doesn’t matter you have blonde or brown hair, since you can still get those seven hues on your locks.

Split-Dyed Hair Trend for 2017

It is a year of colorful hair trends and they keep surprising us with their ability of evolving. 2017 split-dyed hair coloring technique will make you bring the ombre back. If the split-dyed name doesn’t say you something, maybe half-and-half hair dye will say. This two-tone hair coloring technique is the best way to create a top notch look. Since multi-tonal hair doesn’t show any sign of disappearing, I offer you to take a risk and try out these extreme shades. Split-dyed hair coloring technique requires coloring the either sides of your head into two different shades. It is really fun to walk down the street with hair like this. If you are seeking for attention, then this coloring technique is the best option for you.Split Dyed Hair Trend for 2017As I have already mentioned 2017 is also going to be a year of colorful hair trends, for this reason the “half and half” hair colors will be one of the most requested shades, so keep yourself updated! The most vibrant shades from metallic silver to pastel are not dream anymore, since all ladies can rock them. However split-dyed hair technique requires two tones.

Lavish Green Hair Color Ideas

If you are up to a hair color that will enable you to steal the spotlight, then you are in the right place since I have selected some lavish green hair color ideas for all young ladies out there. The vibrant nature of this shade makes it a favorite choice among females. Whether you believe or not but green hair is easy to experiment with since it works well with many other tones. The green is proven to be one of the most fashionable hues of the season.   Lavish Green Hair Color IdeasJade Ombre and Medium-Length Hair

Green is itself is an extraordinary shade and in balayage pattern it is just incredible on dark hair. It creates a fresh look that provides with lots of texture. The dark roots stretch into vibrant tips to create a harmonious blend and make this lob cut absolutely gorgeous. The vivid colors make the style easier to spot and they are a perfect match for all women out there.

Brown Ombre Hair Ideas for 2017

Brown is a neutral and natural hair color that flatters almost all skin tones. Apart from this brown creates fantastic combinations with other shades such as blonde, red or whatever you want. For creating an eye-popping look you may blend it with pastel shades. The length is not important since it works well with all lengths. If you don’t know how to rock it, I have selected brown ombre hair ideas for 2017. Undoubtedly these examples will give you an idea how to play with these tones.   Brown Ombre Hair Ideas for 2017Copper Highlights

In this style copper and blonde hues have been hand painted to create a unique and original look. The color blend is just perfect and it is becoming hard for others to understand whether it is sombre or ombre. Apart from the color the side part styling of locks also make the design stand out. However, the length of your strands is not important, since it will look great on any hair cut.

Celebrities’ Hair Color Trends for 2017

If you are browsing the latest hairstyles and hair colors then you are in the right place, since I have selected celebrities’ hair color trends for 2017.  Celebrities are always a step forward and they sport the latest trends, so we just need to follow them and choose our favorite look. Among these examples you will see beautiful brunettes, feminine blondes and hot-blooded redheads. Well, the choice is not going to be easy, but as soon as you wear one of them you can be sure of having a stylish look.  Celebrities Hair Color Trends for 2017Coco Rocha Espresso Hair

When a rich espresso hue is being combined with the tiniest dash of cinnamon the result happens to be this incredible look. Coco Rocha’s hair color perfectly emphasizes her green eyes and pale skin complexion. She has styled her strands by sweeping the strands away from the face too create a face framing design. This is an incredible color combo that is going to make a fashion statement.

Hottest Shades of Red for Fall

Red hair color is extremely versatile. You can go bold or stay natural with your red hair color. Some natural hues include copper and auburn tones while other shades such as neon, cherry or fire engine red are meant to make you stand out of the crowd. The techniques of getting red are just limitless including highlights, ombre, balayage etc. While choosing a shade of red you need to consider your skin tone, however there are hues available for all complexions. Apart from all, red is just a great color for this fall, look at the following pictures for some inspiration.Hottest Shades of Red for FallSalad Balayage

Fruity shades of peach and apricot are so trendy this year and they provide with an incredible effect done in balayage pattern. This particular look is really warm and due to natural roots easy to maintain. Well, undoubtedly the color is unique and outstanding, but whether it would have this sassy look without smoothly styled waves? I don’t think!

2017 Neon Hair Ideas: Street Styles

The rainbow of neon hair colors spotted between shows over the past week continues to gain popularity on the global beauty scene. According to popular stylist in New York, the trend has already moved to London. Models have worn vivid neon shades and the photographers didn’t miss their chance to take some pictures. However these pictures have become the matter of discussion, since the models look just incredible with these irresistible vibrant shades. If you also want to turn to 2017 neon hues, check out these examples from fashion weeks and get inspired from.2017 Neon Hair Ideas Street Styles Fifth Element Orange

This neon orange reminds us Leeloo from the movie “Fifth Element”. Well, the color is eye-popping and it has an unnatural looking appearance. Apart from a vivid tint, the model also has an interesting cut and it involves chopping off a short fringe and keeping the back a bit longer than the sides. Perhaps the stylist wanted to mimic a modern version of a Mullet haircut. However both the color and the design are combined to create a unique hairdo.

2017 Medium Blonde Hair Ideas

If you pick a right shade of blonde you will never leave an impression of having some artificially colored strands. Blonde is a simple, yet gorgeous shade that works well almost for all skin tones and hair lengths. This color will definitely give a unique appeal to your medium length strands. However there are various techniques of applying it on your locks. You can consider using either balayage or the traditional foils. To avoid having a monotone look, you can combine it with some other tones and make distinct. Now, have a look at these medium blonde hair ideas for 2017 and get inspired from.  2017 Medium Blonde Hair IdeasStrawberry Blonde Babylights

This color melt is just irresistible; the soft babylights create a perfect look for your medium-length blonde hair. Well, I bet many girls would like to have a look like this, so if you are already planning to replicate it consider blending strawberry baby lights with your blonde hair. It will not only enhance your blonde shade but also accentuate the textured locks and provide you with a unique hairdo.

Dark and Light Brown Hair Ideas with Highlights

It doesn’t really matter you have natural brown shade or not, since you can always upgrade it with modern highlights. Brown shades are pretty common since women with all skin tones can experiment with them. There are numerous color blends and patterns that can be used to create a magnificent hairdo. Whether you prefer light or dark shades you will definitely find something among brown hues. If you need some inspiration then have a look at these brown hair ideas with highlights and get inspired from.  Light and Dark Brown Hair with Highlights Light Brown Locks

Hand painting dye job guarantees an excellent look. You can never go wrong with your hair color, if you choose a right technique of introducing it throughout your strands. In this design the strands have a black base hue and they are hand painted in an ombre design. It requires transitioning from light to dark brown. However the straight locks also add a touch of tenderness to the design.