Short Ombre Hairstyle Ideas

When it comes to short haircuts we are usually offered fresh and trendy hair colors by our hairstylists. Without a trendy hair color, your short haircut will look dull and not so fascinating. In order to add more interest and charm you should dye it in a stunning hair color. In spite of the fact that ombre hair colors look amazing on long hairstyles, some like to experiment this style with short haircuts too. Here are some of the best examples to inspire you.short ombre hairstyles 2017Short Curly Ombre Bob Hairstyle

Curls in multi-tone hair colors are cuter and more girlish. These hairstyles look awesome and very inspiring. Naturally, curly beauties can highlight the charm of their hair with the help of a trendy bob haircut dyed in an ombre hair color. Keep the roots in a warm brown hair color and lighten up the tips for a visual length and softness. Thus, frame your face with a two-tone hair color and create a stunning contrast both between the shades and between your skin tone.short ombre curlsShort Ombre Bob Hairstyle

Another inspiring ombre bob hairstyle is the represented cut. As you see it’s more interesting then monochrome bob hairstyles. Even in messy and carefree styles ombre hair colors provide with charm and freshness. If you are tired of your current hair color, then opt for this hair color and display the beauty of your trendy haircut. You can combine dark brown roots with honey blonde, golden blonde or caramel blonde ends depending on your interests and complexion.short ombre bob 2017Short Ombre Pixie Haircut

Using the same principal of dark roots and lighter tips stylists create ombre hair colors for short pixie haircuts too. Harsh and boyish pixie haircuts are now replaced by girlish and feminine styles due to innovative hair coloring ideas. No matter you have curls or thin and straight hair, a cute ombre hair color will amuse you with its stunning beauty.pixie ombre hairGrey Ombre Short Hairstyle

Do you love new experiments and unique looks? What about gray hair? Have you already tried it out? If not, then it’s the high time to enjoy the beauty of a short grey ombre bob hairstyle. Today this is the favorite style of many black women who seek for lighter and more eye-catching hairstyles. Just go for a short bob haircut and dye hair into two-tone grey hair color using the principal of the ombre style.short grey ombre hairstyleShort Pastel Ombre Hairstyle

Flashy dark roots and too light tips on short hair. This is going to become your favorite short hairstyle. It’s the pastel ombre that allows you to experiment with many amazing hair colors. Besides the common pastel pink, there are also purple, green and blue pink styles for your short hair.short pastel ombre hair

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