New Ombre Hair Color Ideas

Whatever you may try out ombre will remain a hot and top hair coloring idea in the fashion industry. Women who wear ombre hair colors stand out from the crowd with their fresh, shiny and eye-catching hairstyles. Ombre is a unique style itself that keeps hair festive even in simplest and most casual hairstyles. If you haven’t discovered the beauty of the ombre style then keep on reading to meet the most beautiful and fashionable ombre hair colors.ombre hair colors 2016Dark Ombre Hair Color

When we ay dark ombre we generally mean the classy combination of dark brown roots with caramel tips. Here is the perfect example for you to imagine the elegant and perfect dark ombre shade. As you see, it’s quite attractive even on short bob haircuts. You can keep the roots in your natural dark brown hair color and lighten up the tips with the help of a light, warm and sweet caramel hue. It’s better to match this combo with your skin tone and eye hue too.dark ombre hair color 2016Light Blonde Ombre Hair Color

There is no any other subtle solution for light blonde hair colors. Once you match two different blonde shades in one hairstyle, you get something very girlish and angelic. Blonde is the best shade for those who seek for extra subtleness and femininity. Light blonde ombre is best reflected on loose waves and natural-looking messy hairstyles. According to your skin tone and eye hue, your stylist can provide you with an awesome blonde ombre hair color.light blonde ombre 2017Red Ombre Hair Color

Warm, bright and eye-catching; this is all about the trendy red ombre hair color that grabs so much attention. There are many styles of red ombre hair colors but the most fashionable ones are with either black roots and red tips or dark red roots and lighter red tips. In order to get a fire and flame effect you should opt for the second ombre hair color 2016Silver Ombre Hair Color

Among the most requested grey hair colors, silver ombre has its special place. This big trend is here for a long time and it will not leave the fashion world during the coming years. Cute dark roots in black or dark brown hair colors with too light silver tips have captured many hearts especially among celebrities. Luckily, it goes well with all skin tones and eye hues and brings out your complexion.grey ombre hair color 2017Pastel Ombre Hair Color

A few women take the risk to try out the original and unusual pastel ombre hair color. It usually requires a careful choice and a perfect matching of colors, tones and hues. The most popular pastel ombre hair colors are light green also called mint, sky blue also known as silver blue, lavender and pink. The soft and exquisite effect provided by these hair colors looks more than glamorous with a bit dark roots. So, give it a try at least once in your life and brighten up your lifestyle.pastel ombre hair color 2016

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