New Hair Color Combinations for Ombre Hair

Ombre style is still in the town and it’s the fanciest hair trend so far. Those who haven’t felt the beauty of ombre hair colors on their own locks should definitely consider these cool hair color combinations for ombre hair before they go out of fashion. Of course, there are millions of hair color combos to use in order to get a stunning ombre hairstyle, but some have just knocked the doors of the fashion world and wait for you to open it the first. To help you out, here we offer the latest trend and innovative ideas special for the lovely ombre style.ombre hair colors 2016Brown to Blonde Ombre Hair Color

Light, bright and sun-kissed ombre hair colors are generally created with light brown and blonde hair colors. This is perhaps the most common combination for many skin tones and eye hues. It first comes to your mind as you imagine the classic ombre style in dark and light combinations. Plenty of girls have discovered this style with various creative ideas. Now, the turn is for you. If you can’t make the right choice for your hair go ahead with a natural-looking  brown to blonde ombre hair color.Brown to Blonde Ombre Hair ColorBlack to Grey Ombre Hair Color

What do you think about gray hair? Besides being so eye-catching, it’s also subtle and fashionable. We have this adorable style due to some brave celebrities who are not afraid of creative changes. The granny trend is now taken to the next level with the black to grey ombre hair colors. If you are too timid to get entire granny hair color then keep the roots in a black shade and lighten up the tips with a gray hue. The colors go well with each other providing you with a harmonious and well-balanced hairstyle.

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