New Balayage Hair Color Inspiration

You are already familiar with the trendy balayage hair color idea and are surely going to use it in 2017. But what about new styles and ideas. Special for your interests we have collected the latest posh looks in balayage hair colors and hairstyles. Recently we are admired by the stunning balayage effects created by celebrity stylist Guy Tang. Since this isĀ  branch of the classical ombre hair colors we generally meet dark roots combined with lighter tips. The natural, sun-kissed and subtle looks achieved by lovely mixtures of dark and light hair colors are ready to provide your hair with the desired shine and fresh effect.balayage hair colors 2017How to Get:

It is possible to get balayage hair colors on dark hair with the help of caramel, ash brown, blondish and golden tints. Your stylist is supposed to opt for rather a painting technique than simple hair coloring. He/she should use a his/her fingers instead of a brush to get this natural-looking style. The process of applying the hair color varies from according to your hair length, texture and of course your expectations.

Balayage Hair Color idea for messy hair 2017

Balayage Hair Color idea for messy hair 2017

Some hair colorists prefer to separate the hair sections with cotton wool or foil while many stylists like to tease the hair in sections first and then freehand colour the ends. The fact that balayage is a low-maintenance hair coloring style attracts many busy women who hardly find time to go for regular touch ups. It is also a great way to hide grey strands and any flaws on your locks. You can combine such a cute hair color with long layered haircuts and wavy hairstyles.

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