Multi-Tone Hair Color Inspiration

Multi-tone hair color is a creative hair styling idea that continues to be trendy. Whatever your style you are able to discover the most flattering multi-tone hair color according to your taste and interests. Actually, this is the most inspiring and interesting style that allows you to do cool experiments and create unusual combinations. Go ahead with a brand new look without waiting time.  multi-tone hair colorsWhen we say a multi-tone hair color we generally mean a matching combination of more than two shades. It can be either a gradually changing hair color also called melted or a simple mixture of hues. The most common multi-tone hair colors are ombre, dip-dye and rainbow. These are so different that each easily finds the style she likes most of all. No matter you choose natural or more vibrant hair colors, the right matching will provide you with the desired fresh, playful and fascinating effect.multi-tone hair colorSombre Hair Colors

The most natural-looking, soft and subtle multi-tone hair color is the popular sombre. Many celebrities prefer this hair color as it keeps their natural charm and just highlights their base hair color. You can add either light or darker tints to your current hair color and get the amazing sombre style. It is ideal for long or layered hair. Make your choice between blonde, brown and caramel hair colors for such a cute and natural finish. Keep the roots darker than the tips and the face framing strands. Warm up your complexion with light and sun-kissed hues as if naturally created by the sun.

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