Gorgeous Hair Colors with Dark Roots

Dark roots are never a big problem when you know how to make it beautiful. While many are struggling against their dark roots we offer you hair color ideas with dark roots to try as something creative and eye-catching. There are really fascinating solutions for dark roots you can’t even imagine. Just close your eyes once and open again to see the most beautiful shades with dark roots that remind of mini-ombre styles.hair colors with dark roots 2017Light Blonde Hair with Dark Roots

Perhaps you are a natural brunette who has gone for blonde and always does her best to hide those grown out roots. Give up doing it because I am here to offer you a cool solution. Just keep the roots in a warm brown shade and update the rest of your hair color with the chosen blonde shade. It’s better to keep the roots in your natural brunette hair color to get a well-balanced effect. Dark roots with blonde hair also help to look subtle when you have dark eyes. Women with naturally light blonde hair colors can dye their roots in dark tones just for fun and a bit of change.Light Blonde Hair with Dark Roots 2017Brown Hair Color with Black Roots

Do you have warm brown hair? Are you tired of its dull and monochrome shade? Add black hues to your dark roots and enjoy the melted ombre effect. Deep black roots tend to make hair shinier and healthier. They are more fabulous in center parted and sleek hairstyles. Women with light complexions will easy draw attention to their skin tone and eyes. Dark roots help to highlight the charm of light eyes.

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