Unicorn Hair Color Ideas for Everyone

However, you may pull off one of these tones to make a fashion statement and bring out your natural glow. Just go and get the color if you have a proper complexion.ruby Medium-Skin Tone with Cool UndertonesMedium Skin with Warm Undertones

If you are edgy enough to go for full commitment and you are a woman with medium skin tone and warm undertones, try blue or emerald green. These rich shades will provide you with a mermaid-worthy hair color. The color looks cool even after it fades. If you are still obsessed with pastel hair color trends, try a jewel-toned shade first and let it fade. In result you will get a striking hair color.blue hair color for Medium Skin with Warm UndertonesDark Skin Tone with Warm Undertones

I have something for females with dark skin tone and warm undertones. Well, everything in between ruby and plum shades is fabulous for you. These tones flatter dark complexion while giving pop to eyes. That’s true, these shades fade quickly like any other pastels, rainbows and jewel-toned shades but you will see that it is really worth your effort. plum for Dark Skin Tone with Warm Undertones

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