Unicorn Hair Color Ideas for Everyone

Everyone is talking about natural-looking hair colors that complement this or that skin tone, but let’s not forget that this is the year of unicorn hair so we shouldn’t forget of mesmerizing vibrant shades too. Well, we know how it is hard for you to decide on which shade you want to do your experiments. Jewel-toned, pastels, rainbows- these hair colors, indeed guarantee you an eye-catching look and lots of attention. Whether you are ready for that? If yes, take the plunge and go for a serious commitment. Here are the best unicorn hair colors for everyone, find your own style.unicorn hair colorsPurple Violet Hair Color

Here we have something flattering for females with fair skin tone and cool undertones. Gather orangey and purple shades to creates a sunset inspired hair color. If you have freckles, mix peach for a better look. Indeed, the color is quite bright, so you will definitely make a bold statement. You can keep the root dark for reducing maintenance, even though you still need to refresh it frequently.Purple Violet Hair ColorFair Skin Tone with Warm Undertones

If you have a fair skin tone with warm undertones, jump on the blue wagon. Consider luscious pastels, such as pinks, lavender, aqua and baby blue. As soon as you achieve one of these shades, you may boost your confidence because even right now the mermaid hair colors are a hot thing. Keep in your mind that mermaid hair requires appropriate upkeep.Fair Skin Tone with Warm UndertonesMedium-Skin Tone with Cool Undertones

Women with medium skin tone should lean on jewel-toned hair colors such as magenta, fuchsia and ruby. You will never have a washed out look with these tones, even though we can’t say the same about females with darker skin tone.

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