Trendy Ideas for Copper Hair for 2017

The metal shades continue to inspire ladies. This time you are going to see some trendy ideas for copper hair for 2017. Whether it is light or dark, copper is always special and eye-catching compared to more usual blondes and browns. Choosing the right copper tone can be a complicated matter because if you pick it randomly, you may end up with a color that looks plain and dull. Nowadays there is a rich variety of complicated and cool copper shades that offer you a unique and mind-blowing look. Check out the pictures of currently popular copper shade and get inspired from!Trendy Ideas for Copper Hair for 2017Deep Copper Curls

This color combo requires mixing red and honey tones to get a bright and eye-popping copper shade. You will also need to throw some subtle waves to help the color flow harmoniously. This is a fabulous everyday hairdo that works ideal for any kind of formal occasion too. With a rich hair color everything becomes easier!Deep Copper CurlsLight Copper Highlights

When you don’t know what color to wear, jump on the highlights! Just brighten up your base of red copper hair with gorgeous light copper highlights. You can even add some other shades of red to give even more vibrant appearance to your strands. Bright copper highlights will not only freshen up your look but also add some dimension and dept to your hair.Light Copper HighlightsGinger Hair with Copper Touches

The ginger hair is multidimensional with sultry orange shades. To wear the shades try both the balayage and ombre and the product produced by these techniques is going to be incredible. The best example is represented below! It looks modern, pretty and radiant. Just curl the strands to give body and depth to your hair.Ginger Hair with Copper TouchesBright Copper with Orange Tint

Well, copper hair involves all sorts of hues from the red color family. This particular copper has some orange undertones and it is a great option for ladies who are in love with ginger trend. The hues of gold and copper come together beautifully and provide a unique hair color. Just be accurate in your choice and everything is going to be great!Bright Copper with Orange TintFrom Brown to Copper

Copper and brown shades create a gorgeous combination. Copper will definitely introduce some interest into brown hair. Your gorgeous waves will bring out the beauty of the hues and make you stand out of the crowd.From Brown to CopperFiery Ombre with Copper Hints

Ombre is still a dazzling trend and it looks exceptional when it’s done up with shades of red and copper. These amazing wavy strands involve a mix of dark, light and medium copper tones as well as hints of red and apricot. Well, if you want to have a different hair color then this is a great option for you.Fiery Ombre with Copper hints

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