Trendy Hair Colors for the Beach Season 2017

Light Red Hair Color

Light reds are shinier and brighter than darker red hues. If you like red hair colors then it’s the high time for you to try something lighter and nicer like the ginger or copper red. These shades are awesome with curly and wavy hairstyles when it’s summer but you can also straighten your hair if you want to look polished or formal. Light red hair colors are delightful with hair accessories such as bandanas, gems and other embellishments.Chestnut Brown Hair Color

Those seeking for stylish brunette hair colors to sparkle on the beach may try the natural-looking chestnut brown. Unlike many other brunette shades chestnut brown comes up with many tones matching different complexions and eye hues. The best part about chestnut brown hair colors is that they make hair look multi-tone and bring out different hues under the rays of the sun.

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