Trendy Hair Colors for the Beach Season 2017

The beach, the soft and shiny sand, the sea and the sparkling sun is all we love during the hot summer months. Everyone likes to get prepared for this crazy season and many of us plan a lot to spend it in its best way. It goes without saying that women take special time and go for special efforts to look stunning on the beach. So, what about hairstyles and hair colors? Check out the latest hair color trends for the beach 2017. They are the most low-maintenance and attractive shades that will keep all eyes on your super stylish look.Trendy Hair Colors for the Beach Season 2017Shiny Tiger Eye Hair Color

The tiger eye hair color is the newest balayage option with a mixture of shiny highlights. This is the case when we have two main hair trends in one style. It is mostly used by brunettes who seek for lighter and warmer tones to beautify their dull hair. In case you have dark brown, black, chocolate brown or espresso hair color you can easily switch it up with golden brown, caramel and other brown highlights using the same technique of the balayage.Balayage Hair Color

If the tiger eye hair color is something too much for you then there is the classy and sophisticated balayage to consider in summer. This hair color ideally goes with beach waves and bohemian hairstyles. In order to get beach waves you need to have medium to long hair and use sea salt hair spray. Braiding techniques also help to get loose waves that look natural and bring out the shine of your hair color and highlights.

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