Top Pretty Hair Color Ideas for 2017

This year we have managed to see some sophisticated hair color ideas that don’t show any sign of leaving the hair trend in the upcoming seasons too. Beside all those jewel pastel shades, natural hair colors continue to lead the charts. Even if you decide to keep it natural it is pretty important to know how to get it correctly. There are some modern techniques to sport new hair colors to have a unique headdress. However, if you want to get it in a right way, you will need to visit your hair colorist but before that check out these top hair color ideas for 2017.Top Pretty Hair Color Ideas for 2017Blonde with Dark Roots

Almost all trendy hair colors are being paired with dark roots. This model is wearing a chic beach blonde shade with natural dark roots. This color combination works great with her medium skin complexion. The dark roots are meant to balance the look. However these shades have been worn on wavy and messy shoulder length strands. You don’t need to add anything else to this design since the look is already complete.Blonde with Dark RootsHighlights and Lowlights

If you are seeking for some contrast then mix the highlights and lowlights to get what you want. This model can be the best source of inspiration, since she is rocking blonde-brown highlights and lowlights. These shades flatter her dark skin tone and bring out the beauty off her natural texture. If you want something voluminous, spiral waves will definitely come in handy.Highlights and LowlightsDeep Burgundy

The best thing about burgundy shade is that it works well almost for all skin complexions. This dark skinned woman is rocking a red burgundy hue on her twisted strands. However the natural texture of the locks also gives them a unique charm, so all Afro-American women are welcome to try out this headdress.Deep BurgundySombre

This is a soft ombre that requires transitioning from one shade to another in a subtle way. However the sombre technique provides with a natural looking appearance and adds a sweet touch to the look. There are sombre designs for all women out there so if you don’t like this brown ombre you may opt for something different. By the way it is the best way to accessorize your chin-length strands.sombreBabylights

Babylights are the hottest trend of the season and they will definitely provide you with a chic and natural-looking appearance. Babylights are being done according to your natural hair color and they are meant to change your appearance in a subtle and cute way. These highlights are also great to frame the face.babylights

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