Top Hair Color Trends for Summer 2017

Geode Hair ColorRed Brown Hair Color

Full auburn and soft brunette shades make a great combination for a totally new hair color. It is a low-maintenance hair color combo can be achieved by everyone. Ask you colorist to match the color with your skin tone and eye shade.Red Brown Hair ColorDeep Mahogany Hair Color

In 2017 you can expect numerous deep brunette shades. A deep mahogany hue is one of the top trends that should definitely be taken into consideration. You don’t have to add highlights to enhance your mahogany as it provides enough dimension and shine.Deep Mahogany Hair ColorHair Eclipting

Hair eclipting has been created by Aveda. It involves coloring the whole head with a darker base before applying strategic highlights in specific sections. Hair eclipting is meant to accentuate the shape of the hair while contouring the face. Well, you will have to find a professional colorist before going for this technique.Hair EcliptingChocolate Rose Hair Color

We can call 2017 a year of rose gold hair. We have already managed to see numerous celebrities and beauty bloggers wearing a rose gold hair. It is impossible not to love shimmering rose hair color. This particular shade features pink tones with a deep chocolate hue that reduce maintenance.Chocolate Rose Hair ColorWarm Peach Hair Color

This juicy shade will definitely breathe a new life to your locks. Adopt this fun look and create lovely style that will definitely set you apart from the others. When it comes to the skin tone, both soft and vibrant orange tones complement almost all complexions.Warm Peach Hair Color

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