Top Fresh Hair Colors for Spring 2017

With the new seasons change, switching up your hair color is must. A new hair color brings new emotions and feelings. While changing our appearance or something about our style, we always look to celebrities and the Insta-famous bloggers, so we have rounded up with the necessary star power to help you pick your new hair color. These hair colors will definitely give you a new idea on how you can change up you look and introduce some new hair colors into your life for upcoming season. Here is the top list of fresh hair color for spring 2017.  Top Fresh Hair Colors for Spring 2017Chocolate Brown Hair Color

While warmer temps may attract you to lighten up your strands, celebrities’ colorists suggest going to the opposite side of the spectrum with chocolate brown. They claim that this hair color is going to be a big trend because it looks beautiful against all skin tones, plus it doesn’t compete with spring’s bright colors.    Chocolate Brown Hair ColorStrawberry Blonde Streaks

If you are blonde and you want to dip your strands into red, we recommend trying strawberry golden blonde. This shade adds color to skin and creates a warm golden glow. It is probably the coolest shade for blondes to spice up their locks. Since blondes have a light base color they can achieve any natural or unnatural hair color.

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